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Sheepshead Bay is no longer too far Out Of The Way — Brooklynian

Sheepshead Bay is no longer too far Out Of The Way

Boom. Large developers come to Sheepshead Bay


  • Right by the Sheepshead Bay subway station. Nice.

  • Emmons Ave. has been developed for about 10 years now with new apartments and condos everywhere you look. This is nothing new. They have been trying to make the Sheepshead Bay area somewhat like Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco and for the most part have succeeded. And of course, right across the bay is Manhattan Beach. Housing prices in the area have gone crazy for a long time now.
  • I'd always assumed that most of the Emmons Ave folks weren't commutting by subway to Manhattan. sense is that the residents of this new development mostly will.
  • They did if they worked there. The D train is quite convenient. There used to be lots of entertainment options there too. Pips Comedy Club was a fixture there for many years. Dice Clay and quite a few other celebs started out there. And it was always a great place to go for a walk on a summer's night. Up until the 60s there was a bowling alley on Sheepshead Bay Road that didn't have automatic pin setters. Games must have taken forever.
  • They did if they worked there. The D train is quite convenient. 
    Out there there would be two subway options: the Q and the B. Sheepshead Bay station is an express stop.(Pssst...the D train stopped running on the Brighton Line in 2001...unless they are transferring at Stillwell Avenue) :) 
  • Sorry....I haven't been on a subway in over 20 years so I guess it is the Q or B but either way, they both go into Manhattan.
  • The boat cruises are reportedly fun. At some point, I'll go on one of the dinner cruises.

  • I've been on one that left out of Manhattan. Went from Midtown up to the GWB and then back down to the Statue of Liberty. Food wasn't bad. Was a mid summer evening cruise and it was very nice.
  • I think the tallest building in that area is about 12 or 15 stories and that's a fairly new building on Emmons Ave about East 26th St. That one is about 8 or 9 years old. This is going to look quite out of place. The tallest buildings are usually on Ocean Parkway.