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Cafe Allegria Closed: Bagels for St Marks near Franklin: June 2013

From trusted poster, Tsarina:

tsarina said:

not knowing where i left off in the discussion of developement on or off Franklin.... The Fresh bagel bakery on St. Marks just east of Franklin will open within two months. He is filing for LLC and then it will be a done deal. All the permit are ready. Just talked to him today.


  • Hopefully they will be real bagels, not those puffy things.

  • Hopefully Tsarina can give me the street address, that way I can put up a dated photo from a few years ago.

    I am a preservationist.

  • 545 St. marks. Provisions, bagels, mmmm. I'm getting hungry. The guy will be making them on the premises.

  • Unless you are talking about the dinky vacant lot, I think you mean 543 St. Marks, aka 659 Franklin Ave. ...The construction supply business on the corner.

  • Nice to know!! Will be visiting

  • wow -- that place is finally getting fixed up!

  • no I mean 545 St. Marks. The first house on st. marks. It has paper on the ground floor business windows and it looks like a normal house except for the ground floor glass doors. Check Google maps.

  • 545 St. Marks is technically the little vacant lot to the left of the building.

    545 photo:

    The correct street address for the building that Tsarina has heard will house a bagel shop is, (drum roll) 547!.

    547 is the building to the right of the vacant lot. Part of what perplexed me is that this location was first floor of a house on a seemingly residential street, and I was looking at the old Propertyshark photo.

    Then, I found an article in Brownstoner which talked about how 547 did a major renovation in 2010, which involved an extension, and it then received a mixed use Certificate of Occupancy:

    547 After renovation

    Photo: Brownstoner

    545-547 Most recent photo:

    Photo: Google street view

    545 and 547 seem to be owned by the same person, and the house might even have 545 on it because the lots are now effectively combined.

    MMMMM, bagels

  • mr. met said:

    wow -- that place is finally getting fixed up!

    Mr. Met, it seems like 543 St. Marks, (aka 659 Franklin, the ugly construction building on the corner) will remain in its present form for a while longer, but I predict it TOO will change soon.

  • (Have the drugs kicked in?) Yes. That is the beast. Fresh bagels for all! 659 Franklin might feel the need to get developed. The Vacant lot they used for storing Building Supplies is being developed and it looks like ... apartments. But back to bagels. That vacant lot will be the patio where people will sit and drink coffee and crunch on bagels. Add a pool and I will move in full time. Should be good.

  • Will there be a BAGEL GARDEN?

  • if its all grass does it qualify as a garden? There will be outside seating i've been told.

  • I wish to go on record as stating that I prefer a "bagel garden" over the present empty lot that is used to park the above black SUV.

    ...At lunch time, I would imagine one could eat turkey bagelwiches with a Snapple and chips at such a garden.

  • whynot_31 said:

    ...At lunch time, I would imagine one can eat turkey bagelwiches with a Snapple and chips at said gardens.

    Or a fresh onion bagel with cream cheese and a Dr. Browns. Yes we do need a good bagel place!

  • It will be at 547? That's bizarre.

  • tsarina wrote: He is filing for LLC and then it will be a done deal. All the permit are ready. Just talked to him today.

    As per Tsarina and Brownstoner, the owner of 545-547 has accomplished the following things:

    1. Massive extension on house, approved via DOB.

    2. Changed Certificate of Occupancy from "Residential" TO "Commercial first floor and Residential above"

    I need clarification from Tsarina as to what "All the permit are ready. " means. Does this mean that the owner has received the permits from DOB to install a code compliant commercial kitchen?

    ....In comparison to the above, establishing a LLC is only a minor hurdle.

  • the kitchen is in. everything is ready to go. Only the LLC needs to be filed and they are good to go - after a huge wait....

  • I take this to mean that DOH has approved the kitchen.


    ...this owner gets things done.

  • So, its at the bottom of the owners house? That's a new one.

  • Lots of places are zoned mixed use (commercial first floor and residential above), and -when it is a small building- the owners often live above.

    However, these are usually located on pretty main through fares.

    ...It has been over a month since we last got an update, has anyone heard when it will have its Grand Opening?

  • last weekend he said next month. how tiresome! at least we have the new wedge to enjoy!

  • May 13, 2013

    Breaking news:

    547 St. Marks is in the process of applying for a lic to sell beer and wine, and would like to utilize its outdoor space for consumption of same.

    It looks like we may get more than a bagel garden out of this deal....

    This place could become named Café Allegria

  • This place will describe their business concept at the June 3 CB8 SLA mtg. looks like it is going to happen.

  • He has agreed not to serve beer and wine past 8 PM on Mon - Sat nights.

    Sunday he won't be able serve past 3 pm.

  • whynot_31 said:

    He has agreed not to serve beer and wine past 8 PM on Mon - Sat nights.

    Sunday he won't be able serve past 3 pm.

    Wow that's gonna kill his business if he ever moves past bagels. The CB is begin more totalitarian in terms of booze.

  • The closing time can't be blamed on the CB. The owner only wanted to serve until 8 PM.

    This venue is sounding more like Neptune II, on Classon. If he wants to serve later, he can ask for that in a few years, at renewal.

    BTW, given how slow NYS SLA can be, we aren't likely to be able to buy beer here until August, at the earliest. Hopefully he will begin serving bagels and sandwiches much sooner.

  • neon fresh bagel sign spotted in window!

  • So who do you think is going to have better bagels this place or Lula on Nostrand?

  • Lula has made bagels before, and has another existing location. Lula will specialize in breads and bagels, whereas Cafe Allegria may be allowed to pursue mediocrity because he will have income from beer.

    I vote Lula.

  • That makes sense. Jack of all trades yet master of none.

  • Beer does make many things better.

    Consumer surveys may be biased toward Allegria as a result.

  • Only when consumed in sufficient quantity.

    Only time and a Brooklynian taste test can answer these questions.

  • I predict he will have beer August 1st, at the earliest. However, they both seem like they will start serving bagels before then.

    This could allow for a control group.

  • he seems pretty into bagels. maybe the beer will be there to guarantee the selling of bagels. and he has never spoken of the beer.

  • Yes, at the mtg I attended, he described all the food he was going to serve.

    It would not surprise me if he just served cans and bottles. No Tap/keg.


  • Mr. Bagel Baker was dining with his family in his yard as I passed by. He states that beer license is in hand and the bakery/cafe will open after July 4th. Is there a conspiracy that bagel stores have to open in July? i.e. Lula, and also saw new sign on Nostrand bagel between Atlantic and Pacific, although they seem miles from being anywhere near to being ready to open. WE WANT FRESH BAGELS!

  • Tsarina-

    July 4th has come and gone. Lula on Nostrand has gotten their act together and opened.

    What is the deal with Café Allegria?

  • He told me the 14th and that has come and gone. WTF???!!! I guess the guy doesn't need the money, or maybe its just too darn hot.

  • tsarina said:

    or maybe its just too darn hot.

    It is too darn hot!

  • Being that I have no idea what religion, sexual orientation or race this aspiring bagel maker belongs to, I am going state that him promising to give us bagels and then not providing them is totally typical of that religion, sexual orientation or race.

    They are lazy bastards!

    [readers who tend to get excited over such statements, in this instance, should not]

  • The grand opening was today! I walked by around 1:30pm and they were open with a "Grand Opening" banner, a sign describing a couple of the items they sell with the "Cafe Allegria" name in small print, and a lit up neon "Hot Bagels" sign.

    Terrible start to the day with the rainy weather, but on my walk home they were still open just before 7pm. Wish I had known before I had eaten my breakfast at home, just down the block :/

  • August 3, 2013.

    Thanks vick5y!

    Hopefully someone will try it out soon and post a review.

  • Verdict: Great bagels. I've eaten some of the "top ten" bagels, and I think this is up there. It's small, chewy, savory, just the amount of crust that I like-- delicious.

    The store is pretty large, and an explosion of colorful mismatched kitsch and antique and snacks and drinks. Lots of seating, including a cushy window-seat. The drink display cooler thing is really loud, kind of like in Lily & Fig. They could have a better speaker set-up, which would help. Outside, there are a couple tables, very pleasant to sit near ivy-covered walls and spend a morning with a book and a bagel.

    I wonder how they're going to do with minimal foot-traffic. You can't see it from Franklin. Maybe a sandwich board, and word of mouth? I'll do my part: GREAT BAGELS!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!

  • I have decided to post these photos of bagels that I found on the internet, so people who don't read well infer that this is a picture of yummy bagels from this store:

  • actual photo of actual bagel store, complete with part of dog's tail (bottom, center).

    Attached files image
  • Went in today. Extremely friendly service. They seemed to want to toast my bagels by default, I had to ask them not to, and they still ended up toasting one of them. I can understand why, because although the style of bagel is correct, they didn't seem particularly fresh. Kind of what you might expect from a bagel that came in a bag. The toasted one was delicious, but I hate the way toasted bagels turn the cream cheese to a sauce.

    They did have delicious hush puppy like things that were definitely fresh and still warm. They gave me a tasting of one for free and I ended up walking out of there with four.

    I'm usually happy to take the trip to Bagel Hole to get bagels, since we're fans of neither Bergen Bagels (bagels too large and too sweet) or the ones on Vanderbilt (place is a zoo, I went once and it was enough). But I want to support a local effort, so I'll be back for more.

  • Agreed the service was really friendly. My bagel was okay, got a bacon egg and cheese. I tried to order sausage, egg, tomato but they didn't have sausage or tomato. Between Lula Bagel and Cafe Allegria, I'm still hoping the bagel store on Atlantic will carry tomato, bacon and sausage in one place. They were so friendly though, I'll be back.

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    Walked by this morning and there's a sign that says, "Closed. Property Sold." The windows have newspaper covering them. Too bad, I really liked that place.
  • That's unfortunate. It seemed like that couple put in a lot of work to get that place running.
  • They refused to stock tomatoes, coffee was burnt, service was slow, and the last time I ordered an egg sandwich it arrived swimming in a pool of dish washing liquid at the bottom of my plate.  They will not be missed by me.  Hope we get a local competent bagel spot to replace them.
  • I'm not defending how they operated the shop, but I think their struggle to open the place is well documented (on this site, if I remember correctly). Perhaps such struggle was a mere foreshadow of how the shop would operate.

    I, too, asked for a tomato once and heard a lecture about freshness and why tomatoes could not be stocked and why didn't I want the roasted pepper hummus?

    Very strange place. Surprised they never adapted.
  • They had great fresh-squeezed OJ and the backyard was a great play date spot. I'll miss it.  
  • Their selection of bagels was limited, so I walked to Luna on Nostrand, where they had more.
  • I understand the service complaints, but the wait never really bothered me. I thought their bagels were good, and I just really enjoyed the couple that owned it. Regular people, always nice and courteous, pretended to recognize me even if they didn't. Their side/backyard was very nice, not to mention the ability to bring your dog with you. I guess the atmosphere just seemed slightly different than a lot of the other places in the area, and I liked it.
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    We should note that it may been profitable, and may have been sold at a profit.

    Photo not taken by me.
  • Oh no! I loved this place! Good bagels and coffee, spacious, a great baby playdate locale and the owners were very nice and accommodating. :(
  • I've been coming here literally every week since it opened. This is a travesty! I can't echo the complaints above. Nothing but deliciousness from this place. Sometimes slow, but always friendly and their bagels and lox spread were great! I might have to move neighborhoods.
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    Dammit!  Two places I like in the area recently closed.  Maybe there needs to be a food deathwatch thread.  

    I was thinking yesterday that The Classon might be next.  Odd hours, still haven't started up brunch, doesn't seem to be the big music place i thought it would be.
  • I think The Classon is very likely to be next.
  • I havent seen late nights, since yesterday for example it was 9pm and they were closed.  Too bad because I had so much hope for this place.  With the number of people with kids in the neighborhood, it would be my go-to brunch spot given its on my block and the spaciousness inside, plus music.  Oh lord bring me a klezmer brunch!
  • NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    I love the Classon! I never get to go out (2 year olds are SO demanding) and the few times I do, I go there. Haven't been in a while.

    Talked to the owner back when they first opened (forgetting his name right now)- I asked him if he burned sage in the space because of the Abigail's curse- he said "that and more!"

    I really, really want this place to survive. 
  • Oh, and I think they've always been closed Monday nights, so that's not indicative of anything. 
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