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Does anyone know how to reach Eric (or Kalil)? Does anyone know if Nimba Cafe is closed permanently? If it is only temporary, does anyone know when they will re-open? Wednesday night was the first night that the Crown Heights Writing Workshop meetings began but no one was at the cafe, and no one contacted us to let us know what's going on. Although the owners at Lazy Ibis let us use their space and we had a fantastic first night, I have no idea if Cafe Nimba is closed permanently or not and the numbers I have for them are disconnected/ not working. If anyone has information please let us know. Thank you!


  • Been shuttered for at least a week. Or so my daily dog walks tell me.
  • If you are confident it is deceased, please add it to this thread:
  • A reliable source informs me that they have been closed as a result of heating issues.Once they are resolved, they will be back.
  • It was open this Saturday and had a pretty good crowd when I went by around 6:30pm.
  • Thanks so much!
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    Apparently they are closed again. About an hour ago, a Yelp poster wrote:

    "I'm giving up on Nimba.

    These are clearly nice, earnest people, but there's a degree of customer neglect going on here that can only be tolerated for so long before it starts to look like they just aren't willing to find solutions on behalf of their clientele. They've been closed down for two weeks now (again) without even bothering to put up a sign to let you know when you should next bother walking out there (again). There's not even a notice on their Facebook page. This all compounds memories of how their espresso machine was broken for like two months, and how we all froze through the winter because they wouldn't buy a heater. Here' sothe simple point: within a five-block radius, you have Glass Shop, Little Zelda, Breukelen, Lazy Ibis, Konditori, Sit & Wonder, Coffee Bites, Crosby, Allegria, Pulp & Bean, Nouvelle vague, and Park Place Coffee. Those places all have functioning heaters, espresso machines, and above all don't take their customers for granted."
  • I have learned more:

    The new struggle surrounds plumbing. It seems there was back flow in sewage, and the landlord responded not by fixing the issue, but by shutting the water off.

    This forced Nimba to close. Nimba is now in court, on the basis that the landlord must provide water to a food service business in order to receive rent.

    Nimba believes it will prevail, and be back.
  • Thank you for the update. It sounds incredibly frustrating not to mention expensive. I hope it works out for everyone and is resolved quickly. The writing workshops was lucky to have Lazy Ibis offer us the space for 8 weeks, and it worked out well for us. But I really like the owners of Nimba and hope this setback doesn't force them to close.
  • Oh man, sorry to hear about their landlord problem! I also hope they're back up and running soon, they were the best cafe in the neighborhood.
  • More:
    Nimba's landlord is allegedly not the "kindest", according to a few people I've spoken with close to the situation, and I believe Eric et al are in the process of taking him to court for shutting off their water after he demanded a rent increase and they did not acquiesce. Don't quote me on the details there but I would assume Nimba will be back at some point in the near future after this legal crap gets cleared up. It's a great spot when it's fully functioning though so don't give up on it yet.
  • Based on the For Rent sign now on the window, it doesn't sound like Nimba will return.

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    now listed via a more effective method:

    The text of the ad seems to confirm what I had previously heard, ie that NIMBA was not successful in convincing the judge they should not have to pay rent, and (as a result) the landlord was able to gain ownership of all of their equipment and furnishings as a partial recoupment for the period before the eviction.


    At approximately 700 square feet, this former street level café space comes outfitted with a ventilation hood, full commercial sink, multiple coolers, espresso/coffee equipment and grease trap. Tables, chairs, bookshelves, and bar are all included in this stylishly designed rustic cafe allowing for a turnkey opportunity to begin making money today. 
  • Anyone know how to reach Eric?

  • Sign in the window now states Cafe Forte is coming soon.

    I hope they serve more food than coffee. I can't imagine a new entrant to the coffee shop seen surviving there.

  • I recently walked by and noticed someone working inside. I knocked and he said he was the new owner and would be opening soon. He seemed really nice and the cafe looks fantastic inside.
    Can't wait to check it out.
    I know, I know, another coffee shop in the neighborhood, PLUS Starbucks will open soon. But hopefully loyal customers will support these small businesses which have come to our neighborhood long before Starbucks deemed us worthy.

  • I know, I know, another coffee shop in the neighborhood, PLUS Starbucks will open soon. But hopefully loyal customers will support these small businesses which have come to our neighborhood long before Starbucks deemed us worthy.

    Starbucks is already open for business.
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