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Old Bodega Next to Tom's to Become Ogliastro Pizza Bar

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...an Italian restaurant. Northern or southern, I asked? "All kinds of Italian food," said the guy overseeing construction. "We don't discriminate."

No ETA on completion. I was walking my dog, and he had urgent business.


  • 784 Washington Avenue, near Sterling

    The site was for sale not too long ago: http://www.cpexre.com/system/assets/properties/documents/458/original/784_Washington_Ave_-_Setup.pdf?1352216933

    I wonder if they got the $1.2M the owner was asking.

  • Great news - with Mrs Dorsey and this new italian restaurant next to my apartment, things are looking good for 2014 clearing up those abandoned storefronts!

  • It's about damn time.

  • Great to hear. That space has been empty for quite a long time.

  • That would make two new Italian restaurants within 6 blocks of Washington Ave in 2014.

    Do we have a new Court/Smith Street in the making?

  • The owners are now in the process of seeking CB8 support for a liquor license."Ogliastro Inc." is expected to appear before CB 8 on Feb 3rd to describe their plans. They are seeking a full lic: beer, wine, liquor
  • Do we know if they are planning to open a backyard/outdoor eating space? I will be directly next to it and would like to have a voice in the planning process.
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    An application for backyard space for Ogliastro Inc is not mentioned in the notice I received.

    [Note, One should not infer from the below that I am a member of the SLA committee.]

    January 14, 2014 ~~M~E~M~O~R~A~N~D~U~M~~
    To: SLA & Sidewalk Café Review Committee Members
    From: Mr. Alton Pierce, ChairpersonSubject:

    Meeting Notice Please be advised that the SLA & Sidewalk Café Review Committee will meet on Monday, February 3, 2014 at 6:30 PM at CNR-Center Light Health Care Center, which is located at 727 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Park and Prospect Places). Your prompt attendance is anticipated and expected.

    AGENDA A. Discussion of the following new liquor license applications:
    1. Stocked #1 LLC, 635 Vanderbilt Avenue (St. Marks/Prospect) – Beer/Wine (patio/deck indicated on application)

    2. Ogliastro Inc., 784 Washington Avenue (Sterling/St. John’s) – Full
  • Scrollie has learned it will have artisan pizza focus
    Peter Sclafini and co-owner Kristen Hallett envision Ogliastro, at 784 Washington Ave. near Sterling Place, as an upscale restaurant serving pizza and cocktails. They currently operate two Italian restaurants in Park Slope, Bar Toto and Provini, and they said they hope to cater to a similarly chic and grown-up crowd at Ogliastro.
  • A friend was able to peek inside, and reports construction is moving along.

    While CB8 voted to support a liquor application, no record of an application for 784 Washington yet appears on the SLA website:

  • Just a few days after the above post, a lic was requested on Feb 28:


    This weekend, I noticed the plywood is gone from the storefront. The exterior is a combination of iron work and glass.

    Can I get a reader who is around during the day to ask the construction people how much longer they think they will need?

    Here the link to a restaurant the owners also operate ....Ogliastro might be similar

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    New, upside down, exterior:

  • This place is VERY CLOSE to opening.
  • Alc Lic and kitchen inspection still pending 
  • Walked by here during the week and saw people working. Asked one guy when they would be opening and he said "two weeks from now."
  • Interior and small window sign clarifying the pronunciation and stating "Pizza Bar" (yesss!) Saturday night:

  • Based on another conversation I had here last week, I believe they're opening today.
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    They are certainly open today, and await your business.

  • We've been there twice. The egg pizza's and the salads are to die for. They have a really nice backyard. It is very kid friendly and is frequented by parents who have absolutely no control over their spawn.
  • Love this place! Only take out for us, so far. In fact, despite the fact that they don't deliver, it has replaced Amorina in my book.
  • Well done inside and out with great pizza, but just one size and no delivery, no biggie. Great for families. I was there with my 2 little ones and there were 2 other families with children and you wouldnt have even known kids were around. Must have been disciplinarian parent day.
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