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The take out part of Chavela's

Does anyone know when Chavela's hopes to open the little take out annex that it is in the process of constructing?

[the adjacent store that used to be Taste Buds]

I have not yet seen a request for a kitchen inspection, but it looks pretty close to opening and I don't know if it will have a kitchen that is distinct for the existing one....


  • Mmmm I don't think it will be a take out. I was there on Saturday night and the hostess told me they use it for private events, but since they didn't have an event that night they were using it to seat people who were waiting for a table (you could have a drink there but no food). There were about 6 tables in total.
  • Interesting.

    I think that is different from their original plans for the space. It reminds me of their plan to create a French restaurant or something from their original Classon location, which also has not yet come to fruition.

    Instead, that little building just sits there waiting to be demolished and replaced by a condo building.
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