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This building is a few doors down from my office. Was in foreclosure but the balance couldn't have been too much, I'm figuring less than $200K. Landlord quit deeded the house (6 family) to someone about three weeks back and they must have set a record in getting people out. Don't know what kind of money was offered but the building which was occupied by mostly section 8 people is vacant already. I guess the upgrades will start soon.


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    Near Troy Ave

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  • 1319 which is also a six family is being gutted and rebuilt as well. So there will be 12 new apartments on this block in the next few months. Still not the best of blocks but it is getting better. Wondering what the rents will be and who will move in.
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    I assume Rental, not condo.
  • I would think. There doesn't seem to be much movement towards condos in the smaller buildings.
  • Forgot to mention a third building on the block is also undergoing gut reno....1297 St. Johns. Going to be lots of new faces here.
  • It was just a matter of time; and it couldn't have come sooner.
  • When I moved my office to this block from Kingston and St. Johns nearly 11 years ago people in the neighborhood told me I was crazy  because the area was much worse than the Kingston block and it was but I've never had a problem here and I know many of the long timers from here and we're all quite friendly.
  • Throughout history, people have had a tendency to call people crazy merely because they do not understand their actions.


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    There were times it was hairy but nothing that made me not want to come to work.
  • Spoke to a person who knew some of the tenants at 1279. Told me the new landlord gave them each $20,000 to move and they all took the lowball offer. There's a roll down gate over the front door so I figure work will not be starting for a few months until architects drawings and permits are taken care of. Each apartment is three bedrooms so I'm guessing at least $2500/mo in rent when they're done.
  • My congrats to all involve.

    ....may everyone live happily ever after.
  • No work has started on 1279 though I see the owner in there occasionally. 1297 is done and and a few apartments have been rented there and 1259 St. Johns is presently undergoing a gut reno. The store on the ground floor looks to be about 600 sq ft or so and I spoke with a gal who was with the demolition workers and she has no idea what will end up there but it's big enough for something like a nice cafe. She figures the building should be ready in about four months but I'm figuring more like six since the city takes their sweet time about doing inspections of plumbing, electric, before the walls can be enclosed.
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