Cb8 meeting tonight — Brooklynian

Cb8 meeting tonight

Did anyone make tonight's cb 8 meeting? Care to share if things got as interesting as at lady months cb9 meeting?


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    I stopped by the very beginning of the meeting to drop off some Brooklynian cards and say "Hi" to some friends on the board.

    Besides ratifying the recommendations of the alcohol committee, they didn't seem have much on the agenda.

    As result, I suspect it was similar to the vast majority of CB8 and CB9 meetings.

    ...I'll let readers know in advance if I sense an interesting CB8 mtg is coming.
  • There was a presentation by Gib Veconi, a CB8 board member and a member of Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Corporation. He gave an interesting presentation about the pushback against Forest City Ratner and their plans for development on Vanderbilt and Carlton Avenues. What was impressive was the size and variety of the coalition that are involved in trying to keep FCR and the developers in check.

    whynot_31, your clairvoyance is failing you; a ton of good info was disbursed during the discussion about FCR.

    Please let the community come out and decide for themselves.
    Government and governing is always boring when it happens, but seems to get REAL EXCITING when folks find out that their sacred cow/bull has been gored. But by then, it's usually too late.
    There are a whole bunch of quotes by dead patriots who talk about being diligent.
    Some folks just have to be... diligent and patient.

    fyi  CB8 is not CB9
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    I no longer find FCR/Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park interesting, so that is certainly a bias I bring to the conversation.

    I sense it will look a lot like the Trump buildings on the UWS. Give it a decade or so...
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