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Curbed Cup Round 4: Crown Heights vs City Island


  • Is it wrong that I see the comments for why City Island should win as a challenge?

    "I'm not sure who died and left all these judgmental commenters boss to decide which neighborhoods are contest worthy. As far as who is voting and why: City Islanders' reach is far and wide. The neighborhood roots spread worldwide and votes are coming in through a network of Lifelong connections. THAT is community. THAT is neighborhood and one worthy of a vote for exactly that reason. Good luck City Island. You've been a NY neighborhood longer than most of the ototed!hers and are overdue for your close up."
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    If I am supposed to vote for a community on the basis that very little changes and few people ever moved into or out of it, I am voting for Akron, OH.

    Go Akron!

    ...however, I am voting for Crown Heights
  • Well, they're kicking our ass.  We need to pick up the pace :)
  • I would vote for Maumee Ohio....oh, but I moved out of it ...well then, Crown Hts, gets my vote what the Heck.
  • I think they've got to be cheating!  All it takes is clearing your cookies and reloading the page to be able to vote again.
  • It isn't a real trophy.

    ...if there was a real trophy, Crown Heights (and specifically this website) would receive it for helping more blog reporters turn in their stories by deadline than any other.
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    (hack: copy the link above, and using a Chrome incognito window, paste the link in the address bar and vote; close incognito window and repeat.)
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