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George @ Mailboxes on Fifth - What's the story?

edited January 2015 in Park Slope
I know he said he would be out to have double hernia operation and would be back, however it's past time for him to return and the store remains closed.  I hope he's all right of course and that's of primary importance.  However, I rely on that store to receive all of my mail and several Amazon deliveries scheduled to arrive in the next couple of days that I need desperately.  

You would think after all these years in business he would have trained someone who'd he'd trust in to run the store if he's ever incapacitated but I guess not.  I don't see why he wouldn't let the T-shirt guy who runs that table in front of the place run things while he had the surgical procedure done.

Hopefully Mailboxes on Fifth will reopen soon, I've got vital letters and packages I really need and I'm sure others do as well.


  • Called George today, and he was in. Mailboxes on Fifth is open once again.
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