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Big developments come to Coney Island

It is a familiar story:

In this case, it involves Coney Island. Parts of it were rezoned several years ago to allow dense, tall residential buildings. However, most residents were not upset because they were either not aware of the implications, or could not imagine that the buildings would actually be built.

Now that the economics make sense, the buildings are coming and residents think they should be able to stop them:

And, over the next few years, they realize that this is not how development or democracy happens.


  • I find this comical as probably most of the residents who are complaining live either in Trump Village or Warbasse which are also high rise co-op developments right there. Another few hundred apartments is not going to make much of a difference in that area.
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    People fail to understand that if existing populations were allowed to decide who could move to (aka "build in") a given area, they would not have been able to live where they presently live.

    ...they were disliked by the "natives" as well.
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