Cat in our backyard, could be an escaped indoor cat? — Brooklynian

Cat in our backyard, could be an escaped indoor cat?

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He's real friendly, and is desperate to get inside of our apartment. Looks to be in good shape, but we already have a cat and they've already been hissing at each other, a fight seems inevitable.

We're near Lincoln Place and Washington Ave.




  • Any chance this could be Meowme the lost cat that was posted back in November, I believe..? Hard to tell from your photos, but please take a look at the lost kitty posting at:
  • This is Meowme's owner; we are still looking for her. It's not Meowme, but thanks naturegirlbk for mentioning. 
  • Please please please try to call the local rescues and shelters. With the blizzard coming in tomorrow night, I shudder to think of what would become of this housecat..
  • Or, if getting him to a shelter isnt possible, please ask a neighbor or friend to take him for the next few days/week during the storm until a foster/shelter can be found. He cannot be left outdoors... Beside the insane snow and wind that's coming, the temps are going to be dropping to single digits over the next week. 
  • I have a dog, a toddler, cat allergies, and a small apartment.  But if you can't find anyone to take this kitty in for the week or so of snow and cold, let me know.  I just really can't sign up for any sort of long term foster nor any financial responsibility.
  • Our neighbors found someone to take in the cat. This was very fortuitous as we called pretty much every no-kill shelter within 20 miles and not one was taking in cats.
  • Thank goodness! Major karma points to you and everyone involved!
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