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How is Verizon high speed internet in Crown Heights?

Hello - I am moving to Dean Street near Utica next week and am getting all my utilities set up.  Unfortunately FIOS isn't available yet, but Verizon quoted me about $15 a month less than Time Warner for high speed internet service.  We sometimes work from home so we need reliable service - does anyone in the area recommend one over the other?



  • I've got Optimum 101 through Cablevision.  I believe it's around like $50-$60/month.  Definitely a lot faster than when I had their most basic service, but a bit on the pricey side.
  • Be sure to ask both Verizon and Time Warner what speeds you could expect from their "high speed internet service."
  • I had Verizon DSL for a year because it was $10 cheaper then Optimum. Let put this way when the repair technicians learn your name it's not a good sign. When it worked it was sometimes as fast if not slower then dial up. Stay well away from Verizon.

    As for FIOS a Verizon employee who works as a FIOS specialist told Verizon has no plans to bring it out of Park Slope for the foreseeable future.
  • I believe that Fios is being installed in the Jewish Hospital complex as we speak.
  • Don't do it. It's DSL service so what you'll get in terms of speeds is the lowest speeds that are considered broadband. In fact, the service you get on your phone will be faster than that. I'd suggest just going to Optimum. They're a great cable provider in my 10+ years having them.
  • Totally non-competitive.  Verizon is DSL *at best* -- on my block of Sterling Place Verizon just resells you DirecTV internet service (which works for them because you basically need a dial-up line for upstream connectivity).

    Optimum is the way to go.

  • I believe that Fios is being installed in the Jewish Hospital complex as we speak.
    A friend at the complex tells me they that the buildings have had FIOS for years.

    Maybe they are just doing some repairs or upgrades?
  • I have Fios and it's sub-par. Especially for the price. They lock you into a 2 year contract, and the price doubles in the second year. I was fully aware of this, but I signed up believing all the hype about better internet. When the contract is up we are switching to Optimum!
  • Thanks everyone.  We're going to go with Optimum!
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    Canyouwink that is a very very good call!

    @tsarina @whynot31 Where is the Jewish Hospital Complex?
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