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Vanderbilt's newest restaurant to open is...

edited February 2015 in Prospect Heights
Beny's Delice !!

Has anyone walked by Beny's and noticed its new candle lighting and thought that they really are trying everything to increase night time croissant purchases. 

But you'd have to walk in, grab a seat and actually ask the young man that approaches you (that's your waiter), to find out that despite the old signage this is a new french restaurant called something like 763 BDQ.  

I made such a move last night...and the food was fantastic.  The most expensive thing on the menu including duck and steak tar tar is under 12 bucks.  The catch is that you buy your own sides.  It still works out pretty well.   Inexpensive wine as well. 

impossibly low priced French cuisine with unfortunate robot name, I welcome you.  



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