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733 Rogers to get replaced


16 units over 15,045 sqft, or apx 950 sqft per unit. Given the size, # of units, and proximity to the park it seems like this will err on the upper middle side of developments. If they are rentals, I wonder what they expect to get for them. I know it's not totally apples to apples, but I went the Kestrel website (largeish development in windsor terrace) https://www.halstead.com/developments_search?numb=9740946 and it seems like developers are seeing those prices and comparing them to current market rate in flatbush and trying to split the difference.


  • whoa! D: man. i'm kinda bummed about this. i know it's no gem of architecture, but it's still a nice old building with character. man.
  • It's sad I know the previous owners
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