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Found Cat, Avail for Adoption ~ Spread the word

This nice kitty was found wandering on Lincoln Place, near Nostrand Avenue, around 3/6/15.  He seems to be about a year old.  If you are missing him, please email CROWNHEIGHTSKITTY@GMAIL.COM, explaining the circumstances, etc.  Thanks.

Having a hard time posting a photo



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    Feel free to email me said cat photo. Address in your PM.
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    high res photo of said cat

  • Good looking kitty and I bet he is happy to be inside!
  • There was a litter of black and white kittens last summer I think near the school/church along there.  Perhaps he is one of them?  Is he neutered?  
  • No he wasn't, no chip either. He was in a brawl of some type and the other animal got a bite out of his leg. He's been stitched up and put on antibiotics. He's thriving and ridiculously affectionate. My 2 year old is crazy about him. And he never finches when she grabs his tail. I wish my husband and I were not allergic. He is the most amazing cat. He is negative for feline aids. We also had him neutered so he is good to go for a nice home.
  • Schmu, do you mind taking a couple more photos and posting him to the local adoption agencies and Petfinder? Sounds to me like he was abandoned and the focus will be on finding him a good home. I'll sticky this and update the title for you.
  • Thanks mamacita. Do you know any good local adoption agencies? We plan to get hIm his shots at the end of the week. we didn't want to overwhelm him all at once. I have more photos.
  • If you take them in a lower resolution, Brooklynian's upload feature will likely cooperate.
  • Here's one place I've heard of

    Also Petfinder has a list here:,+ny&shelter_name=

    The list is long but off the first few entries I know of Empty Cages Collective, Infinite Hope, BARC, Animal Haven, Sean Casey Animal Rescue (2nd page).

  • a while back i posted a pic of a cat that used to hang around my back garden - eastern between bedford and rogers.  however, i can't find pic to do a comparison.  she was black and white..i found the owner by putting a note around her collar and gave her a cert to have her spayed.  fast forward - i see her occasionally in my garden.  u could check with owner - myrna - just in case, her number is
    347-300-4332 (from a message that i saved) or 347 825 5482 (number that showed sup on my phone
    shadow  is cat's name.
  • Send him to Animal Haven, they're a wonderful shelter that has animals adopted out to great homes. 
  • @Schmu
    Can you give us an update on this cat? What ended up happening?
  • Cat was adopted by a family member out in Long Island. We get weekly updates. He has a new name and thriving. He cuddles with them in bed at night and has become friends with their dog. It was a happy ending.
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    Great!!! Happy to hear!
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