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Name: Dudus
Male, 7 months old, grey striped tabby mix, 11 pounds, not spayed yet.
Probaly hiding in a backyard in the block bounded by Kent st, McGuinness blvd, Java st and Manhattan ave. Only friend of elderly, sick woman which she adopted last winter straight from backyard on Kent St as newly born. Escaped thru backyard on June 5th, friday 3 pm.
Please call 815-546-5915 if you found him.
Elderly, sick women's only friend. REWARD!


  • Im betting since he is not neutered ( not spayed) that he is old enough to look for a cat in heat.  If and when he comes home. get him fixed.  Believe me it is healtier for the cat and it wont stink so much of hormones.  Post flyers in the immediate vicinity.  after you find the cat, look at the aspca schedule to get on a van for low cost veterinary services.

  • Thank you I hope Dudus will find his way back home we will neutere him immidiately
  • If you haven't already be sure to contact the local rescue orgs and maybe try the local blogs to see if they will announce on their websites the lost pet. Maybe the Facebook groups for your area, including fido (they do other pets as well)  https://www.facebook.com/FIDOBrooklyn
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