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Found Cat in Greenpoint!

Found Cat in Greenpoint! We found a darling female cat likely between 1-2 years of age on Java Street. She is not microchipped but clearly domesticated as she is loving and very friendly! She has a white face and white belly with a calico top. If you or anyone you know has lost a cat please email me at: Thank you! 


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    If you haven't already, please contact the local rescues and vet offices to post about your found cat. Maybe she's microchipped? Also, the local blogs are usually very helpful in spreading the word about lost/found pets. For instance, Greenpointers might share her pic on their website/FB page:

    I'll sticky this post for now, but please keep us updated.

  • I have done just that! We already took her to the vet and she is sadly not microchipped !
  • Fido Brooklyn is a great resource also.  They can post it on their facebook page and their home page.  Good luck.  She is a cutie!

  • @katelbolger Any news on the kitty, did you find her owner or a new home for her?
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