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Coffee Bites to Become...

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...a Vietnamese sandwich shop. Signs in the window today. 


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    824 Washington Avenue

    A tiny little storefront between St. Johns and Lincoln, on the west side of the street. it going to be a Bahnmigos location?
  • No idea. All the sign said was Vietnamese sandwiches. With Banhmigos on Park Place, I doubt they'd open so close. 
  • yay.  i havent gone to bahnmigos b/c i heard negative things (and i live near it).  they need some competition it seems to step it up.  and i wasnt a fan of coffee bites despite repeated visits/tries. 
  • Coffee Bites just closed in early April, so this space didn't go without a renter for very long.

  • Really? I am head over heels in LOVE with Bahnmigos. 
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    Bahnmigos is a decent joint for the neighborhood and I'm glad it's here, though my preference definitely lies with Hanco's. Bahnmigos' sandwiches seem too bready and underfilled, personally. Maybe we'll get a Hanco's over here?
  • Hanco's would be nice. But the star of the Bahnmigo's menu is the grilled pork, medium spicy bahnimi. With a side of fresh spring rolls. Under $9!
  • But the star of the Bahnmigo's menu is the grilled pork, medium spicy bahnimi.
    I second the vote for the grilled pork, medium spicy. It's my go-to at Banhmigos.
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    They had the gate open this evening. The place has been remodeled, construction equipment now gone. Loft has been removed.

    Awaiting kitchen appliances.
  • praying for it to be hancos
  • i believe they're two separate spots.  Coffee Bites is gone, and the Vietnamese sandwich shop looks a door or two down.  I just walked past, but I'm not 100% sure.  It makes no difference.  I look forward to the sandwich shop.  
  • I don't think it'll be Hancos.  It has its name on the awning.
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    I don't think it'll be Hancos.  It has its name on the awning.
    so is the name on the awning hancos, or something else, in which case whats the name on the awning?
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    Employee says they will open July 1
    Bahn Mi Place
    824b Washington Avenue



  • Looks open tonight.
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    I made it tonight's dinner. I had the Classic Sandwich. It was yummy and very affordable.

    They had staff in training, as well as staff who appeared to have similar experience.

  • Awesome! Maybe Vietnemese sandwiches will be the new Mexican place in this neighborhood. One will open up every block or so.
  • Yes. We now have three banh mi joints, if we're counting Bunk'r at Berg'n.
  • Finally a new restaurant on Washington with a sensible name. No confusion around "Bahn Mi Place".

    I predict success.
  • Great sandwich! And the owner hooked me up with a free lemonade.
    Spring rolls are pretty yummy too!
  • I tried it, and like it better than Bahnmigos— Bahnmigos' sandwiches always felt a little scanty to me. This joint feels like it may have been started by an ambitious ex-Hanco's employee.
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