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Tree Branch Breaker 2015 edition

Looks like he might be back at it again. I came down Park Place yesterday and saw a huge branch on the ground near the corner of Rogers Avenue. At first I thought maybe a truck had ripped it off because the branch was so large, but then I noticed additional damage to smaller branches off the broken piece. When I crossed Rogers and started down towards Nostrand I saw a few young trees that also had low, small, thin branches ripped off. Today I'm on the opposite side of the street between Bedford and Rogers and I noticed that there is a branch from a young tree in front of the empty lot. There didn't seem to be additional damage to any trees, but it's awfully coincidental.


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    If we are having a reoccurence, it will become very apparent over the next few weeks. ...then we will need to figure out how to proceed.
  • Hmm. I guess we should all keep our eyes open.
  • From a non-Brooklynian reading friend:

    A tree was destroyed in Mount Prospect Park yesterday in a way so reminiscent of that guy. Can you put feelers out to see if he is back?"

    Note, this inquiry is distinct.
  • Also, I  saw a couple more branches down off the  baby trees by Roger That yesterday. If its not him, there is definitely something going on.
  • Is there a link to a previous thread?

    I've seen something of this nature on President between Rogers/Nostrand in the last week or so. 
  • Why not, will you rally the troops?
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    @andrewshepherd- Here is a well written summary:

    @crownheightster- I would rally the troops, but have just begun a week long vacation in Hilton Head, SC.

    ....someone who is sober and local should be leading and rallying the troops. For the next week, that isn't me.

    Whoever steps up should probably start by informing the "OMH Brooklyn Liaison", Parks Dept Enforcement Officers, as well as the Community Affairs Officers of the 77th and 71st Pcts.

    They will then confirm whether this is him. (Sounds likely!), and involve his family.

    An interim reoccurrence was able to be addressed via those channels, privately and safely. ...without the involvement of the criminal justice system.

    ....which was preferable to the massive amount of fear the family felt in response to the public attention from the ordeal detailed in the above summary.

    To put it a different way, a small very thoughtful team needs to be assembled, before a large unthoughtful crowd arises.
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