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Izzy's: Kosher BBQ Joint to Bring Ribs and Brisket to Crown Heights Next Month


  • I am really looking forward to this.  I heard people talking about this new place but nothing about timing.  The article mentions next month which seems a little aggressive as I don't recall seeing any movement at this storefront.  I guess this calls for a short walk over to have a look. 
  • I've tried G.Lee's once, when it just first opened. It is a gorgeous space, but at the time, I thought that the menu was a little limited and the price points were a little high. Maybe I'll try again, now that it has been open for about a year. The food was good!
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    G Lee's seems busy during the random evenings I have walked by. I have not yet been in, because Ms Whynot is a vegetarian.

    ...but it is on my list.
  • G. Lee's is very good BBQ. It says that it's Texas BBQ, and G. said he spent time learning BBQ there, but the BBQ is much more Carolinas style; e.g. thin, vinegar based sauce and mostly pork instead of beef. The rub and meat are very good though; the sauce really isn't even needed.

    The Yelp reviews have been mostly positive as well. The kitchen was pretty slow at first, but it appears they've sped that up.
  • Here's some useful info: greatkosherblog
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    For 271 Kingston/BOEUF & BUN - See more at:  http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/comment/553240#Comment_553240
  • @southeast, that is a different business, also opening soon. It is an artisanal burger place that hopes to serve upscale burgers and sandwiches along with beer and wine. It will also be kosher, but no doubt will try to appeal to non-kosher consumers as well. (The prices will seem high if you are not used to kosher food prices, but hopefully the food will be good enough to justify it.) 
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    @dl - There seems to be two new kosher places:

    BOEUF & BUN @ 271 Kingston

    Izzy's BBQ Addiction ;397 Troy

    This thread was set up for Izzy's BBQ Addiction, but the article blue_apple provided discussed BOEUF & BUN so I referenced the Kingston thread where 271 Kingston was discussed.

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    Returning to Izzy's BBQ, rumor has it that it will open in a few weeks.

    Stalkers should watch their facebook feed:

  • I=stalker of yummy food.
  • Brooklyn Based has Izzy's on its list of 10 Brooklyn Restaurants to Look Forward to in 2015: http://brooklynbased.com/blog/2015/01/05/2015-brooklyn-restaurant-preview/
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    As a result of being located on Troy near at Empire, this place will be able to draw on a section part of Empire that has significant food traffic and residential: The eastern part

    (corner of Troy and Empire)

    When I have been around there, it seems to have a lot of MD offices
  • So, Izzy's BBQ will be serving health food? LOL
  • Is Troy near Empire a heavily Hasidic area?
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    Is Troy near Empire a heavily Hasidic area?
    Not as heavy as Kingston, but definitely more than the rest of CH. I would consider Troy south of EP it similar to New York Ave south of EP.
  • I expect 85% of the patrons of Izzy's to be Hasidic.

    At some point, I will be among the 15%. I will make it a point NOT to ask whether the ribs are pork or beef.
  • Good plan!
  • NYDN: Red tape and snags delay the opening of New York City's first Kosher smokehouse in Crown Heights - http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/nyc-kosher-smokehouse-struggling-open-article-1.2081753#bmb=1

    - “I’m hoping within a month or six weeks we can open,” Eidelman said. “I’m used to doing stuff quickly and unfortunately when you work with the city it’s not like that at all.”
  • "The 600-square-foot location on 397 Troy Ave. seats only 24 people — and 10 more can sit outside during the summer."

    That is kinda small... I hope they do Seamless...
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    Sign is up...

    IMG_6134 (1)

    Similar look to Boeuf & Bun
  • That NYDN article does a pretty good job of describing the knowledge, skills, patience and $ required to open a restaurant in NYC.

    ....and is part of why I was so amazed when Starbucks was able to go from build out to opening in about 3 weeks.
  • 6 months later, Izzy's is still not open.


    Opening is believed to be soon.
  • The friends and family opening was last night. They are in soft opening stage this week, with the full open next week. I haven't been yet, but have been hearing good things. This is supposedly the menu:

    MEATS by the 1/2 pound 
    Smoked brisket $19 
    In house cured smoked pastrami $19 
    Smoked turkey $11

    Beef dinosaur ribs $30 a LB

    Pulled Bbq beef $15
    Pulled chicken $15
    Pastrami on rye $18
    Beef polish sausage $6

    Smoked hot wings $8
    Bbq chicken 1/2 $15
    Pulled beef tacos w/ pico de gallo $10

    Pit smoked brisket n beans $5
    Candied sweet potato $
    Potato salad $5
    Macaroni salad $5

    Lemon meringue pie $7
    Chocolate pecan $7
    Apple cobbler $7

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    Great looking dishes.  I can't wait to try them.  Unfortunately, I am not part of the family and friends.

  • Me neither, @southeast. But they open to the public next week!
  • Kosher usually equals pricey.

    People eating kosher accept higher prices for similar "quantities" of food in exchange for the kosherness. ...which is arguably a "quality".
  • Kosher restaurants are always at least 30% more expensive than comparable non-kosher. There are a few reasons: certain raw materials such as meat must be purchased from special vendors and are about 50% more expensive, the restaurant must pay a supervising agency to send a supervisor to oversee and make sure all kosher rules are followed, and in almost all cases, the restaurant must closer for Shabbat and holidays, losing business on Friday evening, Saturdays, and about 20-25 other days throughout the year. Kosher consumers are used to it, and would see the prices posted above as reasonable.
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    @dl - I think the meats by 1/2 pound are a little expensive.  I was hoping the brisket and pastrami would be closer to 30/lb.  I'm thinking that I would buy it primarily for takeout (it's not like they have that much seating anyway).  

    My rationale is that corned beef and pastrami cold cuts retail for about 17/lb, and raw brisket retails for closer to 10 (Izzy's should get it for even cheaper).  I figure Izzy's can go for a premium but not double what cold cuts retail at.

    The rest of the menu appears reasonable.
  • Also, @dl, do you know if they will be on seamless?
  • @southeast, I hear you about the prices, but in the local stores in this area, higher-end deli meats tend to sell for closer to $27-28/lb already, and that is mass-produced and not smoked. I don't know about Seamless, but I doubt it, at least not at first. They are a pretty small operation and I don't think they have the manpower quite yet.
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    @dl - I think I am going to have to disagree with you on the price of deli meats.  Fresh cut pastrami/cornedbeef brisket cold cuts go for about for 17-18/lb in House of Glatt, Empire Kosher, and The Marketplace.  I am not sure which other stores you may be thinking of.  Pre-packaged are even cheaper.  

    Izzy definitely deserves a premium, but I feel that more than double is a little excessive.  With that being said, I will still enjoy his meats; albeit, not often as I would have liked.

    I'm hoping they get seamless as soon as possible.  I will mention it on my first visit.
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    Just went to The Marketplace's website (notably, one of the more expensive places to shop in CH)...

    https://www.kosherfamily.com/#!/hb/c/612-0/c/650-612/pn/2/r/15195/he/pn/2/ 1st Cut Brisket $19.99 / lb (seems to be fresh cut; also, a little more than I thought)

    https://www.kosherfamily.com/#!/hb/c/612-0/c/650-612/r/13565/he/  First Cut Corned Beef $19.99 / lb (seems to be fresh cut; also, a little more than I thought)

    https://www.kosherfamily.com/#!/hb/c/612-0/c/650-612/r/14387/he/  Shoulder Pastrami $17.49 / lb (not brisket, but just as a comparable)

    https://www.kosherfamily.com/#!/hb/c/612-0/c/650-612/pn/2/r/14380/he/pn/2/  Chunk Pastrami $16.99 / lb  (not brisket, but just as a comparable)
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    So I had the chance to go twice over the last week or so.  Sooo good!!!  Highly recommended, particularly if you don't mind jostling a bit for your food as the place is quite small and packed.  Once you get a seat, you should be fine though.

    I had the chance to chat with Izzy.  He was not expecting this type of demand and is thinking of ways to expand.

    You can still get reservations for Thursday (http://izzyssmokehouse.com/products/thursday-july-16-reservation?variant=3582711428).  I'm not sure, but you may be able to just drop in to pick up something to go; I would email to confirm.  

    I haven't confirmed, but I think they will be closed for about a week and a half starting Friday.
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