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Best value in fresh coffee beans

I like nice coffee. I don't like paying too much for it. Is there anywhere in the neighborhood with nice, fresh-roasted coffee for around $11 or $12/lb? Preferably near Washington Ave.


  • Nothing in the 'hood, but Porto Rico has the best cheapest beans in the city.

  • It's also an awesome store.  I don't even like coffee, but I like going in there.
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    Thanks! Porto Rico is a good idea— it'd be easy to pop in when I'm biking home from work, and they have nice late hours (Brooklyn Roasters has good beans and a 20% TA discount which brings beans down to $11/lb or so, but their stores close at 7pm).
  • I usually get PR beans from $8 or $9 a pound. Roasted daily. 
  • Stopped into Porto Rico tonight. It was just what I was looking for, thanks! Now to actually try the coffee.
  • @ehgee what did you think of Porto Rico? What did you get?
  • It's definitely a distinctive shop. I got some Honduran light roast, which makes bad cold brew, and their iced coffee blend, which makes tasty cold brew as promised. $8/lb for both.
  • Porto Rico is the best, hands down. I get their Peruvian light roast a lot. i'm so glad my office is so close to them, but i wish they sold bags elsewhere in the city...
  • This place sounds interesting. I'll have to try it some day! I'm a huge fan of dark coffee. Has anyone tried their darker roast?
  • They have a ton of choices. Love their dark roast.
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