Shane's (794 Washington) finishes its rebranding. — Brooklynian

Shane's (794 Washington) finishes its rebranding.

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In approximately June, Shane's closed and then re-opened in mid-July with Under New Management signs.

Then, it was open sporadic hours and I wasn't sure the new management was going to be any better than the prior management.

However, over the last few weeks, I have seen a burst of activity:
-Menus distributed throughout the neighborhood.
-pictures of yummy food on my Facebook feed


Has anyone been to the new version?

The yelp posters seem to start talking about it in early August, and they seem to like it:é-shane-brooklyn-2?sort_by=date_desc

794 Washington
Crown Heights
Prospect Heights


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    Whether or not one views Washington Ave as the eastern border of Prospect Heights and Crown Heights, wouldn't Shane's be in Prospect Heights? I'm just trying to better understand the thread labeling. 
  • Trying to find a logic to my methods has driven many of my friends and family insane.

    I've edited it to be in Prospect Heights. ....should we compare and contrast it to James?
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    Its all good! We all love the methods. I was just a little confused! 

    And James Restaurant looks good, but I'm not paying for $13 burgers! 
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    Shane's appears as if it is now embracing an identity as a sitdown Carib place.

    So far, it just has food. However, the as-of-yet unused Lounge may indicate that they will add alcohol and DJ nights.

    ....dealing a fatal blow to the constantly struggling Janelle's?

  • Janelle's is much improved to me. I tried the curry goat there a while ago and was mortified (as was my father). But I went back to have a fish dinner last month and was very, very pleased. I don't know if I'd try the curry goat again, but I'm definitely open to trying more menu items now. 

    Still, I rarely sit down in places in the area; I'd rather carryout to avoid tipping. 
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    When I pass by Janelle's during prime dinner hours, it is virtually empty, with few signs of a thriving take out or delivery business.

    Despite the place having a capacity of somethng like 50, I often see around 6 people patiently seated at their tables, waiting for the food they have ordered.

    ....yet it remains open, month and after month. Maybe it has a late night business that keeps it afloat?

    For take out Carib food, The Islands remains my source.

    For sitdown, I prefer Island Cz to Janelle's. Island Cz's kitchen can get the food out in a reasonable amount of time

    From the above flyer, Shane's appears to be going for some of the brunch market.

    This a smart move in light of the lines I see for brunch every weekend. Also, the fresh fruit thing sets them distinct from many of the Carib places.

    Recent article on local Carib places:
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