Anyone have a problem at Ample Hills Creamery July 19? — Brooklynian

Anyone have a problem at Ample Hills Creamery July 19?

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My girlfriend and I went to the Ample Hills Creamery Gowanus location for the first time last night -- Saturday, July 19th -- and unfortunately she got very, very sick immediately afterward. Hours-long sick. She had two scoops of the salted crack caramel, and I had two scoops of Guinness and pretzels. I was perfectly fine. I'm not sure if this particular batch of salted crack caramel was tainted, but I've never seen her in remotely that much discomfort after eating any kind of ice cream. Wondering if anyone else has had a problem after eating there yesterday. I know they pasteurize their own milk there, so I'm not sure if it really was a bad batch or if the pasteurization process they use somehow didn't agree with her.


  • I would look for whatever she ate 2-6 hours before she got poisoning type of stuff does not happen 'immediately' normally...also especially since you are fine.
  • Unless the milk in the ice cream turned and trust me it would have tasted off; zackola is quite correct.
  • Yes! My teen daughter ate a small serving of Ample Hill caramel ice yesterday (Sep 6) and very soon thereafter became very ill with vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. She was pale, shivering, and generally unhappy. I will follow up with the establishment today to warn them that they seem to have a problem.
  • In-laws in town and were going there daily with no issue. Although they didn't have the caramel. Wonder what would cause a frozen item to have bacteria. Cold chain broken during at very beginning I'd guess (bad milk), or the illness is unrelated to ample hills
  • Blue Bell ice cream was taken off the market due to listeria. They had to recall all their ice cream so it's not uncommon.
  • You may want to consider another cause of sickness. Perhaps the ice cream is so sweet and so rich that it was too much for your stomach on a hot day. I love Ample Hills, but it definitely puts me into a sugar coma/stupor. 
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