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Rules for Common Gardens and BBQs

Hey Friends -- My fairly large apartment building is working on installing a common garden space with a BBQ. We are working on the rules governing the use of these new amenities, and I'd love to hear what ya'll have to say about what makes for a successful common garden/bbq space for Brooklynites. I'm looking for pros, cons, pitfalls, challenges, and solutions/ideas for trying to make a space where people can have fun AND be respectful of each other and their neighbors. Thanks!


  • How will infractions be handled/enforced? How will residents be able to access these grounds?
  • I don't have one of these common spaces, but I would suggest starting a shared public Google Calendar where people schedule their use of the area. As far as rules, you might want to look at what some of the local community/park BBQ spots/gardens have posted and borrow some of their language (for the basic stuff rules of conduct and clean up.) 
  • In addition to the calendar requirement, collect a $500 deposit.

    Refundable upon seeing the site was left clean.
  • My first thoughts: hours, noise, and guests. Pre-approval to have a party. Drinking or not, annual deposit that goes towards monthly cleaning, volunteer schedule for cleaning/matenance 
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