Stadium Convenience opens on Vanderbilt Ave — Brooklynian

Stadium Convenience opens on Vanderbilt Ave

edited October 2015 in Prospect Heights

Dear Business Owner,

Please change your name to Extremely Stadium Inconvenient. 
Until you do, I'm boycotting you.  The reason is simply that you were convinced based on zero evidence except possibly something your real estate agent said to you, that there is any stadium generated foot traffic on Vanderbilt.   There's not.  Remember that Golf themed bar?  It failed instantly.  Fish Fish Sports Lounge; their only customers are extended family. And now you, Stadium Convenience must face the hard truth:  Vanderbilt is still Vanderbilt.   It's an area populating for sure, but with a new breed of Brooklyn humans that enjoy sports less, and aesthetic more.    That easily amused, Bud-crunked LIRR riding customer you're picturing will walk as far as burrito bar for all their after stadium needs. Please everyone stop thoughtlessly opening business on Vanderbilt. 


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