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Improving pedestrian and general road safety on Broadway Corridor

DNAInfo is running a story on the recent pedestrian deaths on the Broadway Corridor (Broadway between Flushing and Fulton).

Since this area is where two separate grid systems meet, it makes for odd angles for cars to turn on and pedestrians / cyclists to cross.

Add to that that it runs underneath the elevated J tracks, leading to reduced visibility due to the columns holding the tracks up.  And the dimmer lighting as a result.

Add to that the crosswalk/road paint is non-existent and fading in spots.

Add to that the wildness of the drivers - it's a high traffic area, and there are sharp turns, speeding through red lights, etc.  

It would be great to see some attention from the city to the problem.  The NYPD are talking about increased enforcement of traffic in the area, but that seems like just part of the problem.


  • The Myrtle and Broadway intersection, which is normally traffic insanity, has had a minor makeover in the last week or so.  Lines have been painted to replace the faded ones, important because of the diagonal nature of the crosswalk confusing pedestrians.  They also put a divider in between the overhead train columns on the east side of the street, so cars don't 'skip the line' or worse, go into the wrong lane.  The columns aren't exactly in the middle of the street.  

    They have a ways to go to make it safer but there seems to be some attention on this matter.  

    I think they still need to put those same 'in between the columns over the overhead track' dividers on the west side of the street.  They should also install cameras to catch people burning red lights.  I'm sure there is more but it's good that there's attention here.
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