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Raised Medians Being Installed on Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn and Kingston Aves — Brooklynian

Raised Medians Being Installed on Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn and Kingston Aves

From CB 8's Monthly Newsletter...

Update on Eastern Parkway between New
York and Albany Avenues: The NYC Dept. of
Design and Construction (DDC) has begun Phase
3 of the Nostrand Avenue Select Bus Service, Safe
Routes to Schools spanning four community
boards in the vicinity of the following schools: PS
59, PS 375, Oholei Torah Elementary School, and
Arista Preparatory _School. The project is also in
conjunction with the Nostrand Avenue
Wayfinding Foundations. Please note that Safe
Routes to School is based on Accident Data.

The project includes neckdowns (an extension of
the curb area) to shorten the length of the
crosswalk and also the installation of raised
median islands on Eastern Parkway to provide a
refuge area for pedestrian crossing.

For Oholei Torah, the project includes a
neckdown at the NE corner of Brooklyn Avenue
and Eastern Parkway on the westbound service
road. In addition, a raised median island will be
installed on the west side of the intersection at
Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn Avenue. For
Arista Prep, the project includes a raised median at
Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue.
DDC pres~nted on Safe Routes to School at the
June 2012 Community Board meeting and the
Board voted to support the project with the
conditions that they make the raised median
design consistent with the historic nature of
Eastern Parkway and that a left turn signal be
installed at the intersection of Eastern Parkway
and Kinston Avenue.

Question from audience -- what do raised medians on Eastern Parkway do to the West Indian Day Parade?


  • Answer from whynot:    Very little.      There are raised medians on the stretch of EP between Washington and GAP, and the parade goes on.

    There are signs telling drivers of the medians.   ...walkers can see them too.