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Cubana Cafe -- has it closed down?

Was going to have dinner at Cubana Cafe on 6th Ave (just off the west side of Flatbush near Barclays Center) last night but when we arrived, the windows were covered and a note on the door only said that it was closed for the holidays. There were some attempted delivery slips on the door. Does anyone know what the deal is? I sincerely hope it hasn't closed for good. Great place, great owner, great wait staff -- and great value. A long-time waitress said in November that their business had really slowed, but they didn't know why. Is it increased competition? Very sad if Cubana is closed. 

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  • They have indeed. Saw the owner, who said there were ongoing issues between partners. His other restaurant (Cafe Luluc on Smith St) is still open and recently redone. Although no one seems to care about anything west of Underhill, maybe Flatbush on this site!
  • Given the spam we have been receiving, some French computer really wants us to care about what it has to sell.

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