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*Snow* Rant and Rave

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How about a little mid-week rant and rave about the blizzard of 2016?

My rant for today: paths are still super narrow and not shoveled in front of the City Owned lot on 4th ave between Sackett and Union. To make things worse, dog owners have allowed their pets to poop right in the middle of the tiny little path. So gross.

Rave: Bodega owners that shoveled right away and made big clear paths.


  • Rant: Those investor groups that purchased single family homes to convert to condos who didn't shovel in front of their buildings. You are about to make a killing - put money in your contingency budget for shoveling and salting during winter construction dammit!

    Rave: Liquor stores, Chinese restaurants, and corner bodegas that not only shoveled but made sure that paths existed from the curb into the street so that people could get in and out safely. You guys know what your customers need in a storm!!! 
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    A rave for Connecticut Muffin on Nostrand for not only shoveling and salting but doing so on their entire sidewalk.

    A rant at the detectives in the castle in Washington for not only failing to shovel the crosswalk but also parking their cars on the clear portion of the sidewalks.
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