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Who Feeds the Feral Cats in PS? Cat Ladies in the area?

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or Cat guys ;)

I'd also like to know where the ferals are living in the area so I can feed them if possible. I know there used to be a few cats over on bergen off 5th ave? Feel free to PM me if you for some reason don't want to share the exact address.



  • Be careful when feeding ferals as they have a tendency to bite the hand that feeds 'em.  I know from personal experience.
  • LOL, thanks for the tip Prodigalson :)
  • Yup.  First hand experience - so gently toss the goodies to them or you may be risking a not-so-gentle bite or scratch.
  • Im not park slope, but there are quite a few "outside" cats on my block (Bergen between Grand Ave and Classon).  They appear to be fed by the people who work at one of the auto body shops and the apartment building across from the garage.  But I worry about them in cold weather, esp after the last blizzard. I've considered contacting a trap, neuter release org about them... 
  • @VeronicaV here's the TNR link I found. Reach out to them and see if your kitty population is on their radar. They can hopefully help! http://brooklynanimalaction.org/learn/tnr/
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