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123 Linden Blvd.

Not sure if this building has a thread here, but here's a new one. 

According to the Facebook PLG neighbors group (take it for what it's worth), 123 Linden has just sold to a developer. 

Beautiful Colonial Revival building, sits on 2 acres, National Register of Historic Places but not a NYC landmark, currently the offices of Mathieu Eugene, etc. 

It's been on the market for a while at $20m. Looks like a developer can build about 250k sq ft as residential or slightly more if a community center. As residential, according to what I understand of zoning, that would be something like a 5 story, 250k sq ft building with maybe 300 rental apartments. That would make this one of the largest projects around here, on par with Hudson's 626 Flatbush or the new pair of projects at Clarkson and Nostrand. 

This is right off the intersection of Caton, Linden, and Bedford, where there are already 2 newish condo/rental buildings, 2 more in the works, in the place of Victorian tear-downs, 2 more projects on the next block of Linden, and several sales of large apartment buildings in the last month. 

What would a community center be? A 350k sq ft community center? That's huge. Would that include housing or just be a community center?


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