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Crown Heights Parking- what the heck is going on??

Has anyone else noticed that parking in the neighborhood has become a bear? In the last six months it seems like hundreds of cars have appeared in the neighborhood parking overnight. It used to be that even if you couldn't find a legal space after 7-8pm, there was always a space within a block or so from your destination. But in the last week, I've had to drive around for an hour on three different occasions looking for a street space of any kind. While there is a movie filming on Bedford which has taken about 3-4 blocks of spaces away, I drove as far east last night as Troy and as far west as Classon and there was nothing. Not one space. What the heck is happening???


  • Well, there have been at least 3 big film productions in the last several weeks, taking up several full blocks of valuable parking. Might have something to do with that feeling in the previous weeks. But I can't speak for the past 6 months.
  • might be the due to
    construction workers from all renovation sites around 

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