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Piece A Cake Lounge - Tilden and E. 31st

Anybody know what's going on with Piece A Cake Lounge on E 31st and Tilden? Looks like they've gutted and modernized it.


  • I don't know what this is going to be but I like how they renovated the building. Classy and neat.
  • The seal in the window suggests a State Senator is making their office here. 

    Certainly a welcome addition to the neighborhood--

  • I didn't even notice those seals. Good eyes! Oh well. Was hoping for food & drink but maybe this senator will invite the community over for happy hour sometime.
  • This is our guy: https://www.nysenate.gov/senators/kevin-s-parker

    Maybe he can convince someone that his staffers need a place to get a sandwich and sit down at the same time.
  • been watching this place for months. boo! not sure if this is better or worse than a real estate office
  • Got this in the mail the other day.
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