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Found Tuxedo Cat (updated: for adoption)

(UPDATE BELOW: Cat now up for adoption, spread the word!)

A friend found a tuxedo cat with white mustache, chest, feet, and whiskers.
The friendly kitty was found around Fulton and Kingston a couple days ago. 
Do you know this cat?  Can you help it find its home?  Please let us know (PM me)! 
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  • Yes, please also post on the pets board (we don't have a cross post function currently).

    That cat is so beautiful. I hope his owners are found!
  • Thank you!  Done.  It's really lovely...  Here is another picture.  :)   Lookit those round eyes, and the white whiskers and eyebrows!  What a lovely kitty, and I hear it's friendly, too.  If no one claims it, it may be looking for a home soon...  Violet

  • Dali is officially looking for a home!  She's fixed, FIV and FeLV negative, vaccinated, and microchipped.  She does not like other cats, but is friendly and adorable and sweet otherwise.

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