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loud music on Sterling and Park block

Anyone have a clue of the address of the blasting music this weekend that goes past
midnight?  Some say it is 848 Park Place but I think it is coming from Sterling Place. 
School is not out for my sleeping kids and I would like to start calling in complaints
on this thoughtlessness.


  • Well, parties can happen on either side of the block - Park or Sterling. I usually see the party when it's at 848 Park Place because people come out the back and talk/smoke/drink in the back yard. I didn't see that this weekend but I did hear a party somewhere.
  • Most definitely Sterling on 8/1 - we had our block party and there is always residual parties after...
  • Loud cursing lyrics back, with a beat  Anyone know the address? Too many trees to see the yard its coming from .  895 sterling place ?
  • Sometimes I get on the roof to scout the exact address.

  • This thread means it is now officially Spring.
  • I can just barely hear what you are saying whynot_31 as the monster speaker music from 909 Sterling Place has had my ears ringing  for the past week. Seems the Sterling party has moved from 895 Sterling. Today, holiday or not the music has reached a new decible!
  • The music isn't too bad. Damn loud tho. Are they charging admission?
  • Wow, didn't hear it at all. 
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