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  • Happy Easter, everyone! Enjoy your day!! :)
  • Warren I'm still on waiting list. I've been waiting A while now. I went to library to return Sparks book, & I went up to librarian to See if I'm close to getting private Paris Because I was 144 on list. Can u believe she said My name is not on list anymore! Idk what happened, so I'm back on list at #149. I hope I get to read it before the year is up. Lol Good thing I checked. I never received an email saying To pick up the book or a call. Nothing.. Oh well, now I wait, again. :smile: Enioy your Easter!!
  • Hi Patsy, Sorry to hear about your problems getting the Paris book. Hope you get it soon. We have a very small library here at "The Courtyards". The Librarian knows what I like to read and always puts me on the list for Patterson & Woods books. She only orders Large Print so there are times it is difficult to get some of the best sellers that way.

    Unfortunately we are not having a very good Easter. Carol woke up with a bad stomach and a Migraine. I have been suffering with a bad cold and Cough all week. Went to the Doctor Friday just to be sure it was nothing more then a cold and she confirmed that. We had to cancel our Easter dinner reservations and are just grabbing a few things here in the apartment. Happy Easter to all!

  • Booklaw, Did Mrs Booklaw get my response and would she like anymore WWII memories?
  • I will ask her, and she will get back to you. Thank you!
  • I trust that everyone had a wonderful Purim & Easter.

    Spring is here ~ enjoy!
  • Older80goat, she did not receive your response, and is very interested. Could you please resend to Sorry, and thank you.
  • Booklaw, I forwarded my original message for her to the address you gave. By the way, it  (the computer) would only accept the message with the NYC portion of the address in Caps. If I can be of further assistance, I am here and so far my memory is still pretty good!

    Brooklyn was a pretty busy place during the war with the Brooklyn Navy Yard, The Army had piers for shipping out around the 50's and 60's, Floyd Bennett Field was active with the Navy Air Force.

  • She received your note today, and says she will respond tomorrow. Thanks again!
  • Hi Everyone, Hope everyone had a nice Easter. Everything is good. My grandson is getting so big, he will be 4 in July. Can't wait until the summer. Have a good night
  • Hi friends. Hope u all enjoyed Easter., Judy come on once in awhile. We miss u xx Warren, hope you & Carol are feeling Much better by now.. I'm sure Mrs. Booklaw enjoyed you WWII stories..!! You tell the best stories!! :)
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    Hello all. Yes Patsy, Carol & I are both feeling somewhat better now. Not perfect but better then we were Easter Sunday. I have been in contact with "Mrs  Booklaw" and I have been gving her some of my WWII memories. Next week my eldest son and his wife are flying down to Orlando. His son, our grandson, is playing in a baseball tournament at Wide World of Sports-ESPN Field. We will join them for a couple of days.
  • Hi friends Hope u all had a great weekend!! We had heavy rain & thunder & lightning Last night & winds were unbelievable. It calmed down later today.. Warren, good luck to your grandson. Have fun.. This sounds exciting. Stay well & regards to Carol. :)
  • Patsy, believe it or not we had the same weather here. Lightning, Thunder, Downpours & it all started with heavy winds. I am getting Psyched about seeing my son, daughter in law and Grandson later this week.  We will stay in the same hotel as my son & daughter in law but I think my grandson will be in a Disney Hotel with his team.
  • Hi Warren Enjoy every moment! Send my regards & the best of Luck to your grandson's team!! PLAY BALL!! :)
  • Happy weekend, friends Tomorrow is my youngest daughter's 21st Birthday!! So we said to her to do a wish list..the 1st thing on This wish list was to go to Mets game tonite. We got 4 tix & we are going.. Only problem is, It's going to be in the 20's & raining.. So we need to layer up & man up!! Lol It is fireworks night & they are playing agains the Phillies.. Also her boyfriend got in touch with Whoever & her name & happy birthday wishes From him will flash on the board over the Stadium during 3 different innings. Hopefully, The rain will let up by the time we get there Or soon after!! Tomorrow birthday dinner & cake & some More gifts!! Ah! To be 21 again! Hope u all have a great weekend.. Play ball!! :smile:
  • Hello All, I'M B-a-a-c-k. Our trip to Orlando worked out well. Unfortunately our Grandson's Team went 1-2 in the games we attended. They have a doubleheader tomorrow so maybe they can even things up! The prices in Disney and surrounding area are crazy high. Lunch-$20 each + tip. Hotel $120 a day + so called "resort" charges of $13.99 a day because they have a pool. In the past we stayed IN Disney Hotels and the prices were better. By the way, at ESPN Wide World of Sports they charged $17.50 to see the High School games. Highway Robbery! For Carol and I it was $35 a game. I guess they are not pricing for people on a Pension! It was all worth it though to spend some time with our son & Daughter in Law as well as seeing our Grandson play ball. We even got to talk to him a little after the games. The Players travel together, stay in the same Hotel (Inside Disney), eat together, go to the Disney Parks together, and only see relatives for a few minutes after the games.
  • Hiya Friends!

    $35 to see high school kids play ball?   To me, that's a crime against humanity.  For the past 6 weeks I've been watching high school aged girls playing volleyball for FREE  at the Wellstone Community Center (the season ends on Thursday).  Many of these games have been fun to watch. The Spring softball/baseball season begins this week and those games are also for free.   Heck,  I even caught a couple of college girls softball games without cost at the University of St Thomas which is a perennial powerhouse in that and in other sports.  

    I have an older friend in his mid 70s who is a huge high school sports fan. We chatted one time about the ever increasing cost of admission to some youth sports events  (the state requires charging of admission for playoff/championship games) and the fact that there are no discounts for seniors.  Like Goat, we wonder how do they expect people like us  to be able to afford tickets for the prices they are imposing nowadays.  Ugh!

    Well, I'm going to enjoy as many free events while I still can.  

    I hope every one has a wonderful week and keep smiling.   :)
  • Hi friends, Glad you enjoyed your family in Orlando!! That's the best.. Well we went to see the Mets lose Saturday night..we wore heavy clothes & we were okay in 30 degree weather.. The winds were kicking up & the Philly Fans were ecstatic.. 1-0. The fireworks show After the game were Awesome!! We had fun all in all despite The weather! Hi Richard.. Glad you're enjoying your sports!! Enjoy your upcoming season of Softball/baseball. What would we do without sports?? It's a wonderful thing!! Everyone, enjoy your night! :)
  • Got word rom my son last night that my grandson's team split the double header yesterday. My grandson was Catcher for the whole first game and pitched one shut out inning in the second game. He also had two sacrifices. Do not know whether they were bunts or sac flies. Hitting is not his best talent. That tournament here in Florida is over and they ended up with an even split on wins & losses. Saw a special last night on Public TV about Jackie Robinson. Great show and it brought back a lot of memories. Tonight the second part will be on.
  • Hi-took me an hour to catch up with the blog.Tried to come on several times and finally made it. Have had family down here for the last 3 weeks and a cousin and his wife stopped by.  Haven't seen him since 1974 Lol.  Between lunches, dinners, water parks, sunset dinner cruises, going to the beaches, I think I need a vacation!  Weather has been beautiful in the 80s Been busy with Bingo, Bunco and water aerobics.  Going to Chicago at the end of the month for my grandson's 2nd birthday and my other grandson's First Communion. Time goes by so fast. Well its getting late so I'll  say goodnight and hope to get back on soon...Take care..
  • Hi  I hope u get this post.  For some reason I just realized I posted on page 25 so I hope everyone sees it... Bye
  • Hi-hope someone sees this. After posting last night for the first time getting on in months, I just checked the blog today and the post has disappeared.  What frustration I am feeling right now. There is such a problem with this blog and I don't know why it can't be fixed correctly.  Just wanted to tell everyone that I'm alive and well. Been busy with company and going to Chicago soon for my grandson,s 2nd birthday and my grandson's First Communion.  Will keep trying to get back on but if I can't hope everyone is doing well  and good luck with this blog  
  • Hi Anna! And the rest of the gang. Have a great spring!
  • Hope someone sees this. This is the 3rd tine I,ve posted since last night and everything keeps disappearing so I guess I;ll have to say good bye bc of this stupid blog  Haven,t been this mad in a long time so I,ll be able to read but I can,t post so I hope someday someone finally decides to fix this problem
  • Hope someone sees this. This is the 3rd tine I,ve posted since last night and everything keeps disappearing so I guess I;ll have to say good bye bc of this stupid blog  Haven,t been this mad in a long time so I,ll be able to read but I can,t post so I hope someday someone finally decides to fix this problem
    Anna, I can see your post! Don't go :)
    Have you tried updating your browser or trying a different web browser?
  • Hi Anna We see all your posts. Sounds like life is treating you great!! Congrats on grandsons b/day & communion. Come back soon!!
  • Thanx MOD Hope all is well by you. Hi friends.. Have a great night!! Keep posting!! :)
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    Anna, please do not give up. We see your posts fine. I sure would like to see a fellow Floriidian on here even if we are adopted Floridians from God's country!
  • Hi friends Just want to tell everyone to enjoy Their weekend.. :)
  • We (Carol & I) visited an old neighbor at a memory specialty assisted living place yesterday. It is amazing. This place only opened a few months ago and they already have a large group of patients. We have several Assisted Living Facilities in this town (you must be 55 or older to live in this town) but this is the first one built exclusively for memory problems. When we got there our friend was in an activities session. It might seem strange to you but they were painting paper plates. The patients were really into it coming up with all kinds of designs. It obviously was stimulating their minds into creativity. As the countries population is growing older, Alzheimers and Dementia in particular are becoming more common then ever. These problems attack rich and poor alike and we must do our best to see that research will continue and improve in these areas. If your elected officials ask your opinions on what our government should be spending our tax dollars on, please do not forget these areas of illness. Remember it could be your parent, aunt or uncle our yourself that will need help next. 
  • Hey, I did not mean to scare everyone away with my talk on Seniors. For the most part it is great living being retired and finding time to do some of the things you did not have time for before retirement. I just wanted to call your attention to a few of the problems you MAY face when you get older. If you have parents or other close relatives still living, get some of the information available on dementia and take it serious.
  • Knock, Knock. Is anybody there???????
  • Hey Goat and all those good folks  in God's Country.

    Been enjoying myself watching softball but, doggone it, looks like this entire week is going to be a washout with all the rain that is coming our way. Will have to spend my time watching college lacrosse online. And, as usual for me, whenever I get upset about anything, there's always my kitchen which, to me, is the closest thing to Heaven.   :)

    Folks here in Minnesota remain in grief over the loss of Prince.  There are just no words to describe how much he meant to this community and how beloved he was here. But life goes and everyone will cherish the good memories he gave us.

    Everyone stay well.  
  • Oooops!

    Forgot to say,  A Happy Passover to all!
  • Hi friends Hi Richard.. Yes, a shame about Prince. May he r.i.p. I hope the weather is better now For your sports shows. :smiley:
  • Hi Warren. Almost done with "Private Paris" I love the story.. Next for me to order is 15th Affair.. The Lindsey Boxer murder club series.. I read the last 14 of them.. They are Among my favorites!! Stay well.
  • Btw, went to a wedding Friday night Up at the Riverhead Long Island Aquarium. It was amazing.. Reception was in the aquarium Pavilion. Beautiful waterfalls inside & we We're sitting on a wall that was 1 large Fish tank wall. We saw penguins, sea Horses, shark tanks etc.. It was an event I'll never forget. The only downfall was it Took 3 Hours from Brooklyn to get there due to Friday traffic & it was Passover. Bumper to bumper., 2 hours to come back Home which is the amount of time it Takes to get there normally. But worth Every gridlock moment. Best wedding & Scenery I've been to. Hope everyone enjoys their night.. C u all, soon. :smiley:
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    HI patsy, glad you are back home safe. I remember well that Long Island weekend traffic. At one point, my two brothers & my Sister all lived on Long Island and of course there were weddings, confirmations etc: to attend and we lived in NJ. Even when I lived in Brooklyn   there were some rough weekend trips out to L.I.

    The Mets are doing well. The Yanks only so-so at best. In fact the whole American League East looks like a disaster area. I am sure it will all smooth out after awhile but right now.....

    Prodigal son. I knew that Lacrosse is on ESPN once in awhile but I did not know anyone who watched it! I do watch women's softball on TV when there is no Major League baseball on. I abhor soccer. I think it is the most boring sport in the world. My grandson's H.S. Baseball team is doing fairly well. They are playing at about.500 My grandson is Catching pretty much full time and relief Pitching sometimes. His bat is starting to come to life also. You are correct in saying that amateur sports can be very interesting and exciting.

  • Hi everyone!

    Hope it's been a great Beltane/May Day for everyone.

    In the background I've got Booker White playing "Aberdeen Mississippi Blues" in an old video. 

       Was hoping to go yesterday to see Coach John Tschida's 999 & 1,000 victories in softball for Univ of St Thomas.  But, as is often the case with me, my PC modem broke down and I had a hard time trying to get it fixed. As a result, I ran out of time and could not get to the games.  ARGH!  So today I went to their double header and saw his 1,001 & 1,002 wins.  

    Interestingly, when I was on the bus, a lady dropped her pen as she boarded the bus - I alerted her to this but she said, that's ok and did not bother to fetch it.  Funny thing is,   the bus driver who said he worked for a month in Brooklyn along with his wife, instantly recognized my Brooklyn accent.  He said it could not be more obvious.  29 years of living here in the Gopher state and I sound like I still live in God's Country.  

    Ah,  Brooklyn ~ God's Country!
  • Hey Prodigal Son. I am in the same town in Florida for just under 19 years. I still get told "hey, you are from Brooklyn". I consider it a compliment. The funny part is, I do a considerable amount of Public Speaking and I am seldom told when I do the Public Speaking that they hear a Brooklyn accent.

    Patsy, I just finished the latest Harlen Coben book, "Fool Me Once". It was okay but it does not match up with Woods or Patterson's books. Coben used to write a series of books about an ex Jock who becomes an agent and got involved with all kinds of mysteries. I like him a lot better when he wrote them. The hero was I believe to have  had a name like Simon Bolitar.

  • Hi friends. Hey Warren, I'm going to see if Private Rio is available yet for waiting list.. & I'm looking into 15th affair. It comes out this month!! I never read any Coben books.. Have a great weekend & happy reading!! :smile:
  • Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!! Enjoy your special day!! :)
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    Hi, Our place is beginning to look like a florist shop. Flowers from our kids and from me for Carol celebrating Mothers Day. Busy, Busy day. To many things to do today. Memorial service for one of our departed neighbors, Mothers day show at two, Derby party at 5 and we have to find time for meals in between! Last Patterson book I read was Private Paris. Awaiting others.
  • Hey Prodigal Son. I am in the same town in Florida for just under 19 years. I still get told "hey, you are from Brooklyn". I consider it a compliment. The funny part is, I do a considerable amount of Public Speaking and I am seldom told when I do the Public Speaking that they hear a Brooklyn accent.

     Having a Brooklyn accent is a gift from Above!

    I had many friends and acquaintances who moved from God's Country over to Florida.  But you won't find too many folks like that here in the Gopher state.  Like you, I consider it a compliment when someone like the bus driver says that my speech so readily stands out like that. 

    Argh!  We are getting more rain and it dashes my hopes of seeing high school baseball & softball.  Hopefully, the games will be played at a later date.

    Everyone stay well!   :)

  • Hello All,

    The Mets look better every game, the Yanks are stinking the place out. If the Yanks do not get out of the cellar soon, George Steinbrenner will come out of his grave and fire everybody.

    This Sunday I will be preaching a sermon on Pentecost in two different places. Our Senior Independent Living Facility and another Senior Independent living facility close by. Our regular Preacher will be out of town and he asked me to take his place. I will let you know if I get plaudits or rotten tomatoes. To those of the Jewish faith, Pentecost is the Christian day which comes on the Festival of Harvest called 'SHAVOUT". If you see many of your Christian friends dressed in RED this Sunday, it is a Pentecost tradition which represents the "Tongues of Fire " which touched each of those present at the original Pentecost.

  • Hi friends Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!! We're going to have a rainy one starting This afternoon.. Warren, Good luck with your sermons.. Keep rooting for those Mets.. :)
  • Hello All,

    My sermons went over real well. I think I left the people with a much better understanding of Pentecost. My Father told me that if you pat yourself on the back, you may break your arm, so I will not go into too much self praise! Weather here has been incredibly good lately. Sunny days. 70's in the am 80's in the pm. I still manage to get my walk in almost every day in the afternoon. I also feed 10 turtles in a pond on my walk. I call to them when I get to the pond and they come 3 0r4 at a time until they are all there or my feed for them is gone.

  • Looks like I am talking to myself!!!!
  • Hi friends Warren, I love your turtles!! They sound adorable!! I'm not surprised that your sermons Went over great!! Enjoy your weekend!! :)
  • The Mets have had better weeks! Just when I thought they were ready to knock Washington out of first, they folded like a cheap suit. Hopefully this week will be better.

     It is funny with those turtles. Most of them are kind of plain looking. They are about a foot long and 8 inches wide. Some have designs on their shells.  But one that I call schnouzie is longer and wider and has a long neck and a big sharp nose. The others are not afraid of him and he does not try to bully even though he is bigger. They have to compete with seagulls and fish for the bread & rolls I feed them. The birds swoop down sometimes and grab the bread before the Turtles get it. Also some pretty large fish come up from the bottom and grab it. The turtles get most of it though.

  • Hey all.

    I went to a  youth Summer league game featuring the St Paul East Side Krunch. Much to my amazement they had on really kool uniforms ~ old fashion Brooklyn Dodger unis!

    Chatted with one of the moms there. We both spoke of our passion for youth sports. She said she will visiting God's Country next month as her sister lives there - sis told her there is no better place to live.  I told her to begin her visit on Montague Street and the Columbia Heights section as that is the best starting point for  a visit that she will likely never forget.  I know she will have a great time visiting.

    Not many turtles here in Gopher state.  But we do have a few rabbits running around munching on people's veggie gardens.  Cute but naughty critters that they are.   :)
  • Hi friends Warren, went to the library tonite & i am #159 on wait list for Pattersons 15th affair. I read the 14 in the series so far. . I love this series. The Murder wives club series. I want to be a member of that club.. Lol Have a great night.. :)
  • Hi Richard.. Hope all is well with you & I know you're Enjoying your sports events.. My girls are going to Fla in a week & They bought tickets to see the Mets Play agains the Marlins while they are Down there.. True Mets fans.. Take care & keep posting... :)
  • Hey Patsy, Remember they had to replace one member of the Murder Club due to a sad affair. My Librarian said that 15 will not be available till some time in June and the new Private book the same.  I am very picky when it comes to Authors. I really like Jack Higgins, Woods & Patterson. A few others I only put up with. Speaking of reading I remember when we joined the NYC library at the branch on 6th avenue & 8-9th street. You had to bring a Gas or Electric bill to prove your residence and if you were under a certain age your Parent had to accompany you. My favorite books as a child were Barbar the Elephant and I understand they are still popular in the children's section. By the way, that branch in the slope is still there.
  • Hi Warren.. I didn't order Private Rio yet. I ordered 3 books which 2 will be In in about a week or so.. Believe it or not, Marcia Clark Wrote some good novels.. Fiction. I found those browsing thru the Shelves of the library.. I really enjoyed Them. I became a fan of hers during the OJ trial. Never knew she wrote novels. I thought she only wrote the one book About the trial.. Yes, Barbar the Elephant is still a Favorite,, Have a great night! :)
  • Hi Friends Hope u all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!! :smile:
  • We had a moving program this morning here at our Independent Senior Living place. I read the INVOCATION & the BENEDICTION. Others presented other parts including a slide show of Red Skelton explaining the Pledge of Allegiance word for word. We did the usual recognizing of all veterans from each branch of service while playing each branches song. I am happy to say that the Recreation & Events Center was packed for this program. All this was followed by a buffett picnic type lunch and yes we even got a beer to drink with the lunch.
  • Thursday June 2 - Happy Brooklyn Day to everyone in God's Country!
  • Hello All,

    Of course I remember "Brooklyn Day" by its original name "Anniversary Day" which celebrated the Anniversary of the Brooklyn Sunday School Union.  The parades were magnificent.  Okay, Here are some Brooklyn Names. See if you can identify them. (spelling may be a little off) John Cashmore. Abe Stark, Gladys Gooding, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Rosy O'Donnell, Danny Kaye, Robert Merill, Barbra Streisand, The Gallo Brothers, Hilda Chester, Cornelious (Connie) Greenway, George Tilyou,

    That is a good challenge, especially for all of you that have not been on the blog for some time. Lets see if you know Brooklyn people.

  • Hi friends Hope everyone e is well. Warren my 2 daughters are in Fla since last night. Visiting my son & some friends. They are going to Marlins vs Mets game Tonight at Marlin stadium. You're Memorial Day service sounds Like it was a success. Glad all went Well., Hope everyone has a great weekend.. :)
  • Okay Patsy, the Mets won. Tell your kids to get home. Bad weather heading our way Sunday night through Tuesday. Right now (9:33am,) It is beautiful but ALL forecasters  are in agreement that a good size storm is on the way. Of course they have been wrong many times but.....
  • Since no one took me up on my little quiz, I will give the answers: John Cashmore was Borough President of Brooklyn for many years. Abe Stark owned a clothing store in Brooklyn for many years. He had a sign on the bottom of the Ebbetts Field Scoreboard that stated "Hit sign, win suit"' He did not give away too many suits. Gladys Gooding was the organist at Ebbetts Field & Madison Sq Garden, Neil Diamond & Barry Manilow need no introduction. Diamond went to Erasmus Hall HS for two years and then transferred to ??? Rosy Odonnell was a B29 Bomber pilot who led one of the first raids over Tokyo. His mother taught in Manual HS in Brooklyn and I believe they lived in the fairest Boro, Danny Kaye went to New Utrecht HS as well as Robert Merill the opera star who sang the Star Spangled Banner before opening day of the season at Yankee Stadium for many years. Barbra Streisand went to Erasmus Hall HS, The Gallo Brothers were infamous in Red Hook Brooklyn and had a very savory reputation, Hilda Chester rang a bell in Ebbetts field every time the Dodgers got a hit,  Connie Greenway was pastor of All Souls Church in Flatbush and was a well known speaker, George C Tilyou was the founder and builder of Steeplechase Park in Coney Island. He lived in the Slope for many years.
  • Hey Patsy,

    Our librarian called and told me she had "15" for me. I went right down to our Library and picked it up. I am reading it very fast.  So far it is really good. Plenty of action and some unexpected turns. I see why you liked it. She (the librarian) also told me that Private Rio will not be available until the end of the month.  We have had rain every day this past week. Not all day, but plenty when it comes down.  The plants & bushes love it!

  • Okay, I finished "15" and while I liked the book in general I was very disappointed in the ending. Leaving Boxer's relationship with her hubby hanging was okay because he can pick that up in another Murder Club book, but we never got a real explanation about who's side Muller was really on and really left the whole conspiracy angle hanging!
  • Hey all!

    Very nice of Goat to list all those great Brooklyn names -

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Hilda but her sister Mildred was a very dear friend of mine and attended a memorial service for her when she passed on.

    The old Abe Stark sign at Ebbets is always etched on my mind.  

    Danny Kaye was from East New York and was allegedly kicked out of Jefferson High for being so disruptive. JHS 149 on Sutter Avenue was re-named for him.

    Nobody sang the Star Spangled Banner any better than did Robert Merrill. He sang it with all his heart. 

    I hope the start of Summer has been good for everyone.  So far, I've enjoyed softball, baseball, and soccer.  But (ouch!) am scheduled for dental surgery which will take place in at least three stages and, truth be told, am not looking forward to it.  

    Kudos to LIU girls softball team for winning the Conference championship. 

    Best to all .....
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    Hey P.Son, One of my Brothers played Soccer for LIU. Never was and still am not crazy about the sport but I followed the team all over NY & NJ because my brother played for them. They even made me an honorary Manager (Waterboy). 

     I had serious Dental surgery several years ago. Pardon the spelling but I had a root canal and a reverse root canal  called a piceotomy on one of my upper teeth (eye tooth). Unfortunately I had it done by a regular Dentist in NJ before I left for Florida but it did not take so I had to go to a Dental Surgeon down here who did the whole procedure over including removing some bone. That also was a 3 stage procedure.  I have occasional tenderness in that area but nothing that bad and an important tooth was saved. Good luck with the surgery and I hope that the discomfort factor is very low.

  • Hi friends Warren I love the trivia you have us.. I actually knew some of it!! My girls had a great time in Fla.. But of Course glad to be back home., I'm still on waiting list for 15. It's been about A month now,. I just finished another novel by Marcia Clark. She writes great stuff, You would enjoy her books. Hi Richard.. Glad you're enjoying your hobbies.. Hope all is well,, Have a great weekend, all Weather is awesome here.. :)
  • I hope all you great dads had a wonderful "Father's Day"!!
  • Patsy & P. Son. Looks like we are fighting a losing battle on here. I hate to admit it but it looks like Facebook has won the war. I will never go on Facebook, so I will stay with you to the bitter end.
  • Hey, I did not say I was quitting! I said I would stick with whoever stays on here until the bitter end. Come on, please.
  • Am I to assume that no one wants to come on this blog?  Please enter something even if it is to say goodbye!
  • Hi Warren I'm here.. Just busy working & Being wife & mom So true, no rest for the weary.. I hope everyone has a safe & Wonderful 4th., Keep posting. Hello dac.. :)
  • Hi Patsy. Glad to "see" you. Perfectly understandable about a mom being busy. With just about no one else coming on, I began to wonder if we were finished as a blog. So many "regulars" have taken to other places. If many of them are staying off here because of me, I would gracefully take my leave....
  • Please don't leave, older80goat. Your posts tend to be the most interesting on the BBW thread!
  • This is so true!! If Warren leaves, the blog is done., :(
  • Warren, the old bloggers leaving has nothing To do with you or anyone else on here. FB is a popular venue. Not for me, though. I rather read a good book, than other Peoples bs. They can keep FB. Hope u have a wonderful weekend. We'll be home by the pool & BBQ-Ing. Send Carol my love & keep posting, I'm here as long as you are. Xx :)
  • Hello to Booklaw, Mamacita & the Admin. Hope u all have a safe & great holiday Weekend!
  • okay, I'll take the word of two outstanding people and consider the fact that my presence is not killing this blog. I will stay with Patsy and whoever else wants to join us to the bitter end. I thought a short story might help clear the air. There was a young boy who was born in the hospital and was taken to his home in an apartment building by his parents. He had two older brothers and an older sister living with them also. His father managed to scrape together enough money to buy a house up the block which was in rather poor condition. But it was OURS. The first night that it snowed this young boy was alone in the second floor bedroom. Normally one of his brothers would be sleeping with him but he was not home yet. The young boy opened the bedroom window and gathered a handful of snow off the window sill. He mushed it up into a snowball and threw it out the window and hit the window of the bedroom across from his. No one was there and the window did not break. What a beginning of many adventures for that young boy in his own house where he would grow up. More about this boy in the future.
  • Fyi, the reason that I rarely post on this thread is that I'm not an old time Brooklynite. I've only lived here for the last 40 of my 70 years. I was born in the Bronx, grew up upstate in Rochester and Ithaca, spent a few years up near City College and a few more near the Lower East Side, and only got smart enough to move to Brooklyn when expecting my first child. So I don't have childhood memories of Brooklyn to share like the other folks on this thread. But I do enjoy reading your memories!
  • Hey booklaw. There is plenty on line about the history of Brooklyn. But I feel it is better when you hear it first from residents who lived it. History buffs who did not live in Brooklyn can not tell you what is was like to spend a day at Coney Island Beach and then the evening at Steeplechase park. Oh what memories. I got my first kiss from a young lady on the Caterpillar ride at Steeplechase. As the ride went around a top, similar to a convertible car, came over the ride and you had privacy for a few minutes. Hence  my first kiss!
  • Hi Warren I hope you're enjoying your weekend!! We just finished eating put in the backyard. We BBQ 'd sausage, peppers & onions.. Corn on the cob & a nice big salad & Italian bread. Now onto some dessert. I love your story & can't wait to hear more About that "little boy" I wonder who it could possibly be?? Lol
  • Hi Booklaw. Come & post here anytime.. You can share any story you want, no Matter what Boro or state you lived in. All are welcome. It's nice to meet new people On here & read their stories. Hope u come back on soon! :)
  • Warren, by the way, I am almost done Reading 15th Affair. I'm loving it (so far). I know u said You were disappointed at The end of the book. I'll let u know when I'm done. Probably in the next day or 2. I have to sign up for Private Rio when I return this book. :)
  • Patsy, I enjoyed 15 very much. I was just disappointed at the way he left us hanging on a couple of people. I am also waiting for Rio. Librarian was not sure when it would be in.
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    The same young boy that threw his first snow ball went to PS #124. He came home for lunch most days. He left home one day and started to run back to school (he always left just enough time.) Wham! he ran right into a 2x4 board sticking out of a fence down the block. Folks in that building were having some work done and the contractor carelessly left the lumber partially out over the sidewalk. The little boys glasses were broken, his nose was bleeding. Home he went with his story of woe for his Mother. His Mother cleaned him up and kept him home for the afternoon to observe him for side effects from the battle with the 2x4. The next day his Mother gave him a note for his inconsiderate Teacher. She told the teacher that her son had an accident and that is why he missed school the afternoon before. The inconsiderate Teacher sent a note home to my Mother telling her that she would have to replace the boys glasses at once so he could continue his lessons. His Mother went to school with him the next day and told the Teacher that she would not have the money to replace the glasses until his Fathers payday. She further told her that if she did not like it she (the Teacher) could pay for the gasses herself. The young boys buttons practically busted off his shirt he was so proud of his Mother sticking up for him. That teacher was not caring and considerate like most of them were and probably still are. A week later the boy got his new glasses and everything returned to "normal".
  • Happy 4th of July everyone!
  • Hi friends.. Hope you all had a great 4th of July!! We went to my aunts house In Staten Island, and had some homemade Food & of purse, BBQ. We spent it with family & friends & Had a great time !! And to keep up with a tradition, my Aunt & I watched the Macy's fireworks Show on TV. Love the entertainment & the fireworks show. We have been doing this together For many years. Warren, I think Private Rio comes out This month sometime!! Going to library this week to return 15 (Almost done). & to ask about Rio!!
  • Hi MOD Hope u had a great holiday too!! Nice to c u post.. :)
  • Patsy, There is some kind of a mix up on Private Rio. It is mixed up with Private Games. Our Librarian says they have the same order #. Carol's Kindle also has them combined????????
  • Hey all!

    I hope everyone had a great Fourth and am glad to know all is well for each of you.

    Kudos to Joey Chestnut for winning the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest! Great article on the history of the contest:

    Lots of good Holiday fireworks all over the Twin Cities. But yesterday we had fireworks of a different kind as we had thunder storms -  some trees were knocked down and there were some  brown outs. The weather is just splendid today.

    Recently, I had the good pleasure of watching the Henley Regatta on You Tube and am reading Daniel Brown's The Boys In The Boat: Nine Americans In the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  There are several videos on YT about this momentous event. At the moment I am watching the on going Cornell Bird Cam:

    Lots of fun to watch our feathered Friends - they enjoy generous meals at that site while singing away peacefully.  Bird watching was a hobby of mine in good old Prospect Park. I still have my binoculars and occasionally check to see local winged pals out of my window as there is a small park on my block.

    Question for Goat - why on earth would you leave this thread?  It wouldn't be the same without you!

    For those who still live in God's Country, Brooklyn has many street fests in Summer - have you nice folks attended these?   Which ones?  Please post pics if you'd like.

    Every one take great care!

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    here's the url just in case the link does not  appear on your screen:

    https    :   //
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    P. Son. I only said I would leave if it meant other people who have dropped out would comeback. I felt that some of the original crowd from 16th street to the high 20"s did not appreciate my ravings from 12th Street.  I enjoy being on here and reading everyones post no matter where they are living. I am in Florida but my memories of Brooklyn are extremely vivid. My wife lived only a block away from me when we both lived in Brooklyn and we knew each others families.
  • Patsy, Our Librarian got "the Games" A private Novel. It appears that this is actually what was called "Private Rio". I think it is one in the same book. I am about half-way through. It is very good but the "Rio" fiasco is still a mystery. In the book was a write up for both titles and they both read exactly the same?????
  • Hi Warren Thanx for the info on PR I ordered the Games. I'm #84 on list as Of last Thursday.. I don't understand how this title stuff Is so mixed up. Oh well.. I can't wait to Read it. No wonder the librarian looked so confused When I wanted to go on list for both books. I was wondering which came first?? So 2 titles, same book?? It is a mystery. Have s great day!! :)
  • Hi Richard I watched the video on here. Thanx for Sharing. I love birds , especially the hummingbirds & blue jays! We had some nasty weather the other night with Heavy rain & ligjning, etc. Our 4th worked out great! It rained later on in The evening when the night was just about over. We lucked out!! We have "Summer Stroll" coming up In July & August. 2 weekends in each month. It's really nice!! Restaurants put tables & chairs outside & live Bands are on every few blocks. It's really nice& It takes place in Bay Ridge all along 3rd Ave. Very festive.. Gets people out "strolling".. My favorite festival is the Octoberfest weekend. Saturday is Ragamuffin parade & the kids dress Up in costumes & the Nypd & Fire dept participate On floats & in vehicles . The last float has Santa Claus & the kids go crazy! Prizes are given to the kids with the Best costumes & the Bay Ridge photographers Take pictures & post in the neighborhood Paper. People from all over come to this Fair. The next day is the sidewalk fair with rides & food stands & live music & games. It runs from about 25-30 blocks on 3rd ave. If weather is good, restaurants again put Tables & chairs out for people to sit & dine Outside. Ok, getting dinner ready now., Keep posting.. :)
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