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This summer's concerts at Wingate Field


  • Would suggest folks get in touch with CB9 and the 71st Precinct to be sure: 1. the volume will be kept at a reasonable level, and 2. that the concerts will end at a reasonable time (~11pm)

  • The concerts always end by 11pm-11:30 as the concert series is run by the Borough President's office. They are hyper-sensitive to making sure that the series is as professional and trouble free as possible after a freak accident over 25 years ago that had horrible consequences.

  • Note, it is not RUN by the Borough President's office, as they have just told me when I called them today. They are going to have someone get in touch with me from the "agency running it" whom the receptionist was unclear who it was.
  • Here is the website:

    Note there are a couple discrepancies between the flyer pictured above and the website: e.g., Bunny Wailer not listed on the website for the Aug 1 show, and there is no Aug 17 show listed at all
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