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804 Nostrand Ave (former Long Life Vegetarian Restaurant) Shows Signs of Life

Long Life Vegetarian closed a few months ago. Today, while walking to the subway, I saw a new banner advertising "Caribbean Green." Maybe a new restaurant?


  • IMG_1623

    New awning up for Karibbean Greene. 
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    It appears Karibbean Green will go head to head with the other Caribbean places offering $11 meals on Nostrand.

    ...an interesting choice in light of many such places folding. 

  • I was devastated when the newest place, Little Trini Cafe, closed. I can't really imagine that Karribean Green is paying more rent than Long Life Vegetarian...but I guess we'll see.
  • I think a sandwich place that served beer would be a hit.
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    When it's spelled with a K, you know it's Klassy. 
  • Table and chairs out front, inside has nice lighting, nice clean new windows.The "K" in Karibbean is still throwing me, but I have some hope that this will be a tasty addition to Nostrand Ave.IMG_1626
  • hey that photo looks familiar ;)

    stopped in for lunch with the kids earlier this afternoon--got lured in by the proprietor who was diligently handing out the above-pictured menu to passers-by. 

    we split a beef patty, chicken patty & slice of red velvet. patties were decent--crusts perhaps not as flaky as one can find elsewhere. cake was good. 

    looks like they put some effort into the decor--it's a place where you could sit down at a table, or at the window counter, and have a pleasant meal. 

    bonus: it's right in front of the SB B44-SBS stop, and you can see the (newly operational) countdown display from the window seats, so you can get a bite to eat while waiting for the next bus.
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