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McDonalds at Nostrand and Church is gone

McDonalds at Nostrand and Church is no mo. According to FB chatter the landlord raised the rent to $20,000/month. 
There are already two chain drug stores and a chain bank at this intersection plus a few supermarkets and dollar stores. 
My wife and I speculate that the only thing that can work in that space would be a Starbucks. 


  • Yup. I came across this action shot of the momentous occasion yesterday:

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    This just in!     The new tenant will be....

  • Good luck to them. 
    There are many many restaurants near this intersection. 

  • I'm shocked that Bed Stuy Fish Fry thinks they can make a $20,000/month rent when MCDONALDS cannot.
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    My first theory was that Fish Fry was going to make rent by selling lots of profitable alcoholic drinks.

    However, they do not have alc at their other locations.    ...and I have yet to receive word that they will at this location.


  • Exquisite taste, the jerk chicken joint across the street, is routinely packed. Maybe they think they can take some of their clientele. But it's a tiny place. 
    This bank space is enormous. It would cost them tens of thousands just to renovate it. 
    But yeah, there are not too many bars around here. 
  • i find it super weird that bed stuy fish fry's instagram is private. not exactly good PR, is it?
  • Given the poor customer service I've experienced (and not just me) at the BSFF on Fulton in Clinton Hill, it wouldn't shock me if its private to avoid angry customers expressing their distaste. Its a shame, too, as the food is amazing there in my book. 
  • Good riddance to that McDonalds. I went in there maybe 5 times in the last two years and every single time I was in there it was packed with junkies hanging out by the bathrooms. And I mean packed. Like 10-15 of them. 

    Anyway it was nasty and they didn't do anything to try and keep clean. Hopefully the new tenants have better luck with the space. FWIW it is very large I wouldn't be surprised if it got split into two spaces.

    I think you could easily clear 20k a month in rent if you have a decent place. There is a Dallas BBQ* near the junction that is packed 24/7/365. If the food is decent and price is right people are hungry.

    *Not that DBBQ is the epitome of culinary prowess, but what they make tastes good.
  • BSFF does have alcohol at its location on Fulton Street. The couple of times I've been there it seems to serve predominately as a "I'll have a beer/cocktail while waiting to pick up my to-go order" bar, but they do have a Friday/Saturday drinking crowd. At Nostrand and Church, such a model may work really well (I don't think of that as being a very bar-heavy area).
  • Is there any reason to believe this will still be a fish fry?

    Either way - something is definitely on the way...

  • Trader Joe's?

    @whynot_31 - We were looking at the wrong former bank building all this time! LOL

  • There's been a flurry of new businesses in this area. Fisherman's Delight, a (new or new ownership?) Caribbean fish place on Nostrand between Church and Martense, new pizza place on Church at Rogers, Cake Ambiance on Rogers between Church and Martense, another Caribbean restaurant about to open on that block. 
    On Rogers between Martense and Linden there is a Security Guard training place and a kitchen cabinet place. 
    Still plenty of vacancies on Church between Nostrand and Rogers. 
  • The construction workers are saying a Burger King is coming... 

    Not a very dramatic change from the McDonalds, but hopefully the new tenants will take better care of the building/corner.

    @RudolfAhrens New Fresh Pizza at Church and Rogers is pretty good and has a few seats. There is a new Caribbean (shocking) place at Nostrand and Tilden... but they have a few tables - making them better than most places here. And you're right - there are lots of vacancies all down Church Ave - even right next to our future BK. Maybe a Checkers is in our future?
  • Surprising about the Burger King as there used to be one on Church between Bedford and Flatbush and it wasn't open that long. Years ago I knew the guy that owned it. Hopefully they'll make out better.
  • well, that's a bummer but i'll take it over a McD's/demolishing the building. my bf has a terrible weakness for mcdonald's fries but remains unmoved by BK, so that's the silver lining
  • Years ago there was a BK a few blocks away where Veggie Castle used to be. How funny. 
  • Burger King has arrived.

  • Grand Opening.

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    The Burger King banners and the "Home of the Whopper" signage really make it complete. 
  • It's open 24 hours. I'm never going to get anything there but I think that contributes to the safety of the area. 
  • I passed this location this weekend. It looks nice. I believe it's been years since there was a Burger King in this area.
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