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Big sale at King's Super Pharmacy

King's Super Pharmacy (Flatbush Ave between Park Place and Sterling) is reducing its footprint, and practically everything is 30% off. Signs say everything but diapers, lotto, and prescriptions, (If they sell gift cards, I bet those are also excluded.)


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    I wonder if this means we will merely get a new business in this space, or whether we will get demolition and a new building.

    357 Flatbush Avenue

    Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 6.07.13 PM
  • "Reducing its footprint" sounds like a going out of business sale. Where is it going? 
  • I believe it will consolidate its operation to the part to the left of the tree.
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    I was told by a neighbor (who asked staff) they were reducing their square footage, not that they were closing.

    I know that with a mere 25 years in Prospect Heights I'm not the most senior resident here, but as the neighborhood has changed, the appreciation of a place like King's can wane. When Park Heights Stationery closed, new arrivals without children felt they would be fine with the Duane Reade. And it was OK that they felt that way, that was them.

    But King's inventory is still from a less specialized era; for instance, they had a toy and games aisle, and they were a good "go to" for the "oh heck we have to go to a birthday party." Now we will all have to plan better, and search harder for peanut-free double six domino sets.

    Sorry for the old man cranky that just got out there. Hey you kids and all that. :-)

  • Sale may be over. I just paid full price for razor blades.
  • From the article:"However, he said the store is "probably going to go with a more upscale inventory" — adding items like higher-end shampoos and lotions." the Duane Reade on Flatbush and 7th.
  • I doubt Kings has the buying power to directly compete with Duane Reade.
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