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Tony Roma's Down

This is exciting to me.
I moved to prospect heights as the stadium was opening, and all sorts of hopes and fears for the neighborhood were swirling.  Would the hood get more exciting places to eat and drink because of the excess foot traffic, or would an avalanche of uninteresting out of towners whitewash us into a little suburbia?  No one knew.

The opening of TR was an ominous sign.  All I could hope was that they had bad information -that in fact, hungry visitors wouldn't walk the extra blocks to something chain-ey and familiar - and that the impact of the stadium wouldn't in fact make prospect heights a strange vortex of long island. 

So, to hear this news, I say fantastic! And to Hooters, or Ruby Tuesdays or Chilly's, let this be a lesson.  It's not going to work here.

source DNA info:

Talde and his partners, John Bush and David Massoni, will soon open a new venture, Atlantic Social Club, at 673 Atlantic Ave., behind the Barclays Center. The space was most recently occupied by a Tony Roma's steakhouse.

And the fact that Daniel Talde is helming the change is just even sweeter.  We all may be getting to know that awkward corner of Atlantic pretty soon!  I can't wait.


  • agreed, that's great news. i went to tony roma's once, it was right after a hockey game and we thought it would be packed. it was mostly empty and the food was below average. glad to see something good might replace it.
  • I suspect this restaurant will draw most of its customers from Fort Green.

    I hope he has studied the successful upscale places along Fulton.
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