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State of the Union..err.. I mean BURGER in the Nabe

edited October 2016 in Prospect Heights
I feel a significant burger and a beer craving coming on. What is the current state of the burger specials in PH and surrounding nabes? Can we compile a list of our locals go-to's?

Current number one for me is Jame's burger at happy hour.


  • The burger at the new, shiny clean and nice Shallow's Cafe is pretty good. Excellent grilling, nice smokey bacon, solid cheese and sauce. Comes with more good fries and salad than can possibly be finished. Shallow's is at 340 Rogers Avenue, between Montgomery and Sullivan.

  • Dutch Boy on Franklin continues to be my go to.

    ...Shallow Cafe is now on my list.
  • I have like the lamb and feta at soda. and their onion rings. 

  • It might be old news, but from the Vanderbilt side of the world,
    The James Monday burger night burger is the discounted fancy burger to beat.
    Rosie's on Flatbush, and Emily (the pizza joint) both have best in brooklyn burgers according to Gothamist (the latter is a monster and costs more than $20).

    And the best burger I've eaten in the general area was from the spanish restaurant Colonel Verde in Ft Greene. 

    OH, and if you're interested in abandoning your craving and going big, Olmsted has just opened up Monday nights to walk-ins only.   Such a great idea for maintaining that local feel

  • The burger and fries at Lincoln station are good.
  • I like the burger at Mayfield. It is delicious.
  • We like the burger at Dean Street on the corner of Underhill,  The specials are ok and most of the food is pretty good. Their 5 to 8pm happy hour is a good deal and it is Monday through Sunday.

    We are always in search of the perfect burger!
  • Rose's on Flatbush is crave worthy. Not the cheapest but it's quality for $15 and includes fries. I like their tagline: Seasonal, Healthy but Sleazy!
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