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Anwar Deli at Nostrand and Sterling is closed

This bodega has been closed for months.IMG_0119


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    725 Nostrand Ave

    It will help us find this thread later when we have updates.

    Prime corner.

    A quick search did not turn up any For Lease ads.
  • There is construction happening at this corner former bodega. Any tips?
  • If they are changing the use from a bodega to a restaurant/bar, the permits should state same.

    Note: they could be doing minor work that does not require a permit.
  • Someone who used to work there said the new owners are planning an "organic market." That might mean a bodega with fancier chips.
  • I just saw some demo and clean out work happening (at like 10pm last night). It was filled with old food leftover from the old bodega. And they've taken down the old yellow awning. I'll check to see if I can find any permits.
  • @xchx so long as it is clean and does not smell, I'm pro-"organic market"

    though I'd prefer a Japanese coffee shop, like the one we're apparently getting on Nostrand and Bergan @tsarina
  • This location might be where the Japanese coffee shop is going:

    It is at Nostrand and Bergen
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