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Masked Bandit near Park Place Subway

My girlfriend was crossing Prospect Place to enter the Park Place subway station last night when she saw a large raccoon walking in the street, scuttling underneath cars.  It was about 615 PM, so pretty normal time for raccoons to be active. 

I was looking back and didn't see any Crown Heights raccoon threads and very little discussion of them anywhere in Brooklyn in the last couple of years.  Have others seen any around?  Any other animal sightings (possums, coyotes, etc)? 


  • Hmmmm, that's pretty far for a raccoon to travel (from PP). I imagine the food sources are running low this time of year, so they're exploring further away from Prospect Park. I live very close to the Botanic gardens and through the years I've spotted a couple here and there behind my building. 

    The one you saw could also be rabid. You might want to report it to 311 just in case. If he's sick, he needs to be found before someone gets hurt. 
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    I saw a raccoon a few months ago on Classon near Lincoln. It was during the evening.

    He wasn't in a hurry, so I think s/he lives locally.

  • yes the raccoons live pretty much on every block. I feed my feral colony and they freeload on the kibble. They have dropped by for bbqs, much to the dismay of Skippy the pitbull. They are everywhere.
  • I live on Classon and Lincoln and see them every now and then walking the perimeter. They actually climb up to our roof to steal fruit or vegetables from our garden. One night there was a big fight up there between two big racoons. If you've never heard them fighting it's the craziest/freakiest sound you'll ever here.
  • I've also seen one on Classon, wandering into the space between two buildings on a block near Lincoln.  Friends of mine had them in their backyard in Clinton Hill several years ago, too.  
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    We had a couple come up from the shuttle tracks onto Union near Franklin one night last summer. One ran up a tree where hours of fun were had by all throwing stuff at it trying to get it to come down. The raccoon won though... people gave up around 2am and went to bed, after which the raccoon apparently came down and went home.
  • After only hearing about these sightings, I finally saw one last night!  I was on Classon between St John's and Sterling.  There were lots of people around, including a mother and her two children walking towards me.  Just a few seconds after they passed, I saw a raccoon shimmying under the construction boards under the scaffolding on this street.

    Amazing how no one else noticed this coon so close to them.  Definitely not rabid (as I understand the symptoms), as he was actively avoiding human contact and trying to go about his business stealthily. 
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    We see raccoons around Dean and Washington as well (even took some pictures of them some summers ago). They aren't bothering anyone it seems, so that's good. 
  • I went to ikea today and drove in the back way and ran into 2 well fed goats that apparently are in charge of weeding in those parts. They were extra cute and one even put his hooves up on the car to get more ear scratching. I only I could insert the photos I took! TOO CUTE!
  • I was walking down Franklin Ave towards park place  and a raccoon ran out in front of me and i immediately stopped and watched it turn down park place (the block where i live) i called my sister to look out for me incase i got attacked but once i got to park and franklin and it disappeared . once i got  inside i called 311 where they took my information and told me to call animal control the next day when i did they told its normal to see raccoons like i would see a squirrel or a cat. i told her that it is not normal because in all my 29 years of living on this block i never saw one. she told me she couldn't help me or take a report because they are not of any danger to me. they were tons of stories of people getting attacked by raccoons so be careful .
  • "Tons of stories of people getting attacked by raccoons"!!!! HAHAHAHA
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    @allyroc welcome to Brooklynian!

    The 311 people were right, it is pretty normal to see racoons.

    However, they are certainly not seen as regularly as cats or squirrels.

    Racoons want to eat our garbage, but really tend to stay away from humans. Animal control gets involved with catching racoons when they move into places like [redacted].

    Animal control tends to spend most its time on stray and abused pets.
  • So does that mean that if you want animal control to pay attention you've got to  tell them your neighbor kicked it's pet raccoon out and now the thing is running up and down the block?
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    Hmmm, that would make it an abused and stray pet.

    ...we do all remember the story of Ming the Tiger, right?

    In that instance, the city paid attention despite it being indoors.
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    nature, and all the wild animals that reside in nature generally do not pose a threat to humans, unless they (people) do something incredibly stupid that threatens the wild animals. Try to be a little more tolerant of other species, and learn to identify all the ridiculous old wives tales that people try to perpetuate as fact, learn more about other species and what their general behavior is from educated sources and individuals.
  • I would not want to accidentally corner a raccoon in my building's garbage area, so yeah, I agree: watch out for them.
  • Wait...did someone mention seeing goats?
  • goats nibbling weeds around the perimeter of ikea in red hook! cuter than anything! I want. I want!
  • @tsarina, while I agree with you generally, animals in urban settings are usually surviving by feeding off of human garbage and waste, and not the same foods they would eat in the wild. The consumption of processed sugary foods is as bad for them as it is for us. I'd rather the city picked them up and relocated them to more appropriate habitats (nature preserves around the city, state forests and parklands, etc) than to have big fat diabetic raccoons waddling through the neighborhood and ripping garbage bags open to get to leftover hot pockets and chicken nuggets. 
  • The raccoons are omnivores and adapt to what ever is available to eat. being a registered animal rescuer, I can say that merely picking them up and taking them where you might think it is appropriate for them to be will not solve whatever problem you think they present. It only creates a vacuum where other raccoons will take over that vacated territory. Much the same as for feral cats. As to the "fat diabetic" raccoons, is that even a fact? The raccoons around me hit the cat kibble feeders and Yes! they do look healthy. Aside from people, they have few predators around here to worry about. Historically they have always been here and will continue to survive and thrive here. Beware human intervention unless it is a life saving situation.
  • City won't come out unless the the animals are rabid. When I lived in East Flatbush, we had squirrels in our attic, raccoons in our backyard, and an opossum in a neighbor's garage, and 311 was like "you're on your own." 
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    So, contrary to what I wrote above, one has to call a private company like this one?

    ...and then hope that the person is humane?
  • Yup. Or do it yourself. The squirrels were ages ago; my dad trapped them and released them in Prospect Park. The raccoons disappeared on their own. I don't know what happened to the opossums. I do know that another neighbor tried (unsuccessfully) to poison it.
  • The biggest threat on this planet is man.

  • I had never seen one, until after we adopted a coonhound 6 months ago. I was out walking her one night, and I turned around to see a raccoon lumbering across the street. In a crosswalk, no less. I was pretty sure I was hallucinating, until my dog went nuts and treed the thing. Instinct FTW. I talked to our local crossing guard the next day (Ms. JJ! She's the best!) and she said she sees them all the time, and that there are tons of them near us (Franklin and President) because of the school cafeteria garbage from the multiple nearby schools.
  • I am glad something likes school cafeteria food.
  • I called the police a few years ago (didn't think to call 311) because I was freaked out by a beast in my garden. It sat right on the fire escape above my door, staring down at me and my dog (which was half it's size) just daring me to come out. The police laughed their asses off at me when they came (of course it was gone when they arrived) and explained to me that what I'd seen was an oppossum. Sheet, I'm a city girl; I had no clue. 

    It came back 20 minnutes after they left. 

    It stayed for a few days then finally just left after letting me know that was his turf. 

  • Animal Care and Control rarely goes after animals that are native to the area, and do not pose a threat.
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