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Brooklynian Festivus! DEC 8 at Sharlene's Bar

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I've loved getting together with other Brooklynians for Festivus and other get-togethers.  Is there a Festivus celebration planned for this year?

(Edit to add update: Sharlene's Bar on Flatbush, December 8th at 6:30PM  -- Bring coworkers, neighbors and friends!)


  • I'd be down for one, but the last was too far from me (on a work night too). If someone wanted to do something back at Sharlene's or a bar on Vanderbilt..
  • Dare we call it the Closing Ceremony?  

    ...we could encourage posters from long ago to show up for drinks, and then have some kind of ceremony to celebrate all of the fun everyone has had on the site, and in real life.

    Then, we'd thank everyone for their patronage and just focus on other ventures.    
  • That's not really our call... we don't own the site.
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    Others could continue to use the site.   The last of the regulars would just waive it goodbye.

    The lurker reporters would have to get their stories from twitter and Facebook, and -as a result- stories about Crown Heights would be slightly harder to get and thus appear less often.  
  • Can we get back to the discussion at hand: Where and when for a Festivus. I put my 2 cents in for something in PH or the PS/PH boarder. Locals who have not posted yet on this thread please let us know if you are interested.
  • I liked Sharlenes. I also really like Alchemy, on 5th Avenue near Flatbush.
  • what did I miss?  why would the regulars leave?   (sounds like we need to have the "airing of grievances" at the festivus celebration.)  I like the regulars! and they have the festivus pole.

    the locs & places mentioned are fine with me.  we also need to pick a date.  any ideas?
  • Sharlene's is perfect. Let's just choose a date. 
  • Is next friday the 9th too soon?
  • Works for me.
  • Thanks for suggesting date and place - how about 6:30ish to start.  (Do you think that Friday night would be too busy to have a get-together.)

    HELP - can't figure out how to make a normal post and not an "announcement".  will check back here for answer.-thanks
  • Clueless, the "Announcement" is for the thread, not for any one post. I'm guessing that MOD put the announcement on the thread to make sure the thread was noticed by as many viwers as possible.
  • dah. I'll be away on the 9th. I could do the 8th.
  • I can do the 8th.

  • I can do the 8th.
  • Let's definitely switch dates - whynot_31 has to be there!  Also, it's better not to go on a Friday.  The 8th sounds good.  Is 6:30 ok or do you want it to start at another time?

    booklaw:  thanks for the info on posting

  • is there a way to switch the responses to a post so the the most recent is listed first?

  • Not that I know of...
  • Bummer. I'll be out of town for work ... enjoy!

  • We will likely be the only table with a Festivus pole.   

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    A pole has been salvaged! Behold it's majesty!!

    2016-12-06 19.14.35_resizedA base will be made (Whynot, Papi Chulo says he can handle it)

    People are welcome to bring holiday treats to share. I think we still can bring outside food in? There are great affordable take out options nearby, like the beloved Grand Castillo (aka the Mighty Meat Wind!). Please post if you are coming and please invite your friends, family and coworkers, this is open to everyone!

    If anyone is a member of other message boards/websites or local FB groups, please get the word out for us!

  • I'm really excited to see everyone again!  it looks like we have an embarrassment of riches with 2 festivus poles!

  • The photo I posted is merely an illustration. Mamacita will be providing this year's pole.
  • ... but not the pole dancing ;)
  • Great seeing everyone!!

    (it was very dark so this was the only pic I ended up taking)

    festvus pole
  • perfect pic of the festivus pole - and we truly had the Airing of Grievances this year!  It was great seeing everyone, and welcoming the Brooklyn Museum crew.

  • Never made it to the bar. By the time I got home I was too tired to go back out. Sorry. 

    I'll probably see at least @whynot_31 at some point at a future gathering.
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