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Shallow's Cafe - 340 Rogers (near Sullivan)

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The small storefront with the blue awning (BDF Supplies) has filed an application for an initial kitchen inspection, and will become known as Shallow's Cafe.


  • Construction on this small café appears to be ongoing.   LLC was formed about 2 months ago.

  • A friend was able to look in and see the construction, but didn't get a photo.

    Based on what she described, I am going to estimate an opening date of October 1.
  • Signage up

  • Grand Opening is today.

  • Interesting. I think I'll wait for a NYC restaurant inspection.
  • I wish Carla Shallow luck.
  • She seems to understand the market:

    "For lunch and dinner, the owner said she was particularly excited about the menu's grill cheese, featuring sourdough break from Balthazar Bakery, cheddar cheese, fresh pimento peppers, spinach, and a lightly spicy mustard. 

    Multiple types of kale salads are being served, along with burgers on a brioche bun (turkey and veggie burgers are planned as well)." 

  • Is the stuff organic?

    I kid, I kid! :)
  • Menu:
    (Photo by Anton Gold)

  • Let's see if Gothamist ever profiles this joint.

  • Having been a few times I can see there is definite potential. I have worked in the restaurant biz, please allow some observations:

    -They make a solid burger, grilled cheese and brunch.
    -The above is important because they need to step up their service game. It was disorganized and unprofessional. However, they are sweet and polite so they have potential.
    -They will need to expand the menu at some point. Too limited for many repeat visits right now.
    -This type of place - casual, nice decor, clean and with good basic food - is definitely good to have in the area and should be supported.

  • Agree that they need to add a few more menu items. I would also limit bacon to an add on topping. Obviously people can just ask for it removed, but it can turn people off from the menu. Maybe jazz up the pancake and French toast options (fruit, flavored pancakes/waffles, other toppings) and make a brunch deal that includes some kind of beverage(s) (coffee, orange juice). In case they actually read this- I would recommend some design, seating and design adjustments, too. Looks a bit sterile and uncozy. A large, wide mirror over the right bar seating and some large, light colored art over the seating on the left side to make it feel brighter and more spacious. I wouldn't want to sit at the bar with my face staring at the wall. It's a small space and be designed to look and feel larger, yet cozier. Aita did a great job with a small space. Ambiance is huge for me. I passed by there with a friend and we didn't feel like we would want to hang out there for a leisurely brunch so I moved on to somewhere else.
  • Ms. Whynot and I had dinner here tonight.   Dinner menu is basic, but they seem to be starting out with a small menu in order to keep expenses down and food fresh.

    Reasonably priced brunch menu should be a hit in light of the all the churches nearby.   

    I expect that they will still be around in 2018.
  • glad you liked it. btw, most of the churches on Franklin, Bedford, Rogers and Nostrand, et al are "taxpayers" and are gone as soon as the landlords see they can make real money. clock is ticking on that.
  • went back this weekend (4th visit). Food was good as usual. Good crowd. Dead flowers on the tables. Not asked if we wanted water (there were water glasses on the table) until we were nearly finished with our meal. TV was on then inexplicably the volume was turned way up by the chef and remained on loud. Think they need to spend a little time thinking about what kind of atmosphere they want and what kind of customer they want to attract.
  • It wasn't clear to me they are seeking the laptop crowd.

    They didn't announce that they have wifi, and the laptop people like quiet (no TV)
  • don't disagree. however, there is not a single restaurant I have ever liked going to where they played the TV at loud volume. Sports bar, sure. Not a restaurant, though.
  • Sounds like the chef wants to attract... the chef, and that he or she doesn't much care about attracting paying customers. If that is true, the chef may well have the whole place all to himself, until bankruptcy looms.
  • jong said:
    glad you liked it. btw, most of the churches on Franklin, Bedford, Rogers and Nostrand, et al are "taxpayers" and are gone as soon as the landlords see they can make real money. clock is ticking on that.
    Are you including the church on Sullivan by Bedford? The church is in a standalone building, and it seems to have a decent number of parishoners.
  • saw them doing major work in there this afternoon. not sure what that means
  • It's closed
  • Closed as in out of business?
  • Closed as in out of business?
    Correct, I should've/could've been clearer. The entire store is emptied out.
  • edited May 2017
    For those into basic math: August 2016 to now is about 8 months.
  • it closed in February. There was a fire and the chef was the only person there, but they closed down and the owner just took the insurance money and split.
  • I wonder how getting out of the lease works in that situation.
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