Something is happening at the big lot on Rogers, corner of Sterling. - Brooklynian

Something is happening at the big lot on Rogers, corner of Sterling.

In 2012, Brownstoner wrote:
"For a while it was a yeshiva, and now is rented to a Christian based elementary school. Inexplicably, the lot was never totally cleared. For the last thirty-some years, the crumbling ruins of the mansion and the other wings have been left right next door to the school, and a connecting wing, with glass blocks, now connects to nothing. The wing originally behind the mansion is now gone, it too is rubble. It makes no sense, and mars the progress of a growing and improving neighborhood. Let’s get it together, people."

Fast forward to 2015:
Unlike prior summers, the lawn is unkept. Last night around 9 PM, some of the windows were open despite having no screens or lights on inside. The front door also appeared ajar.

From this, Ms Whynot and I have concluded that the Carmel Christian School will not be opening here again in the fall.

Something large is about to happen with this site.

116 Rogers
118 Rogers
120 Rogers
122 Rogers
124 Rogers
126 Rogers

770 Sterling
Crown Heights
Photos from above Brownstoner link.

Google photo of it, back when was a functioning school:

Here is a view of the lot from Sterling, back when they used to mow the grass.   The grass is now overgrown


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