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Konditori - Swedish Cafe on Washington

Did anyone see the new storefront for Konditori next to Bitter & Esters this weekend?

Anyone know their opening date? I've searched the web and can't seem to find any information.


  • A coffee/bagel place with the same name has 3 existing locations in Brooklyn:


    However, they have not hit my radar as applying for an initial DOHMH inspection.

    Does the work permit say Restaurant?

  • This place opened for the first time today. They had a bunch of customers when I walked by with my dog this am and on my way to work. Major competition for Sit & Wonder.

  • Most under-the-radar business opening on Washington Avenue ever. Could see past the brown paper that someone was doing the interior nicely - but no liquor license application = zero press.

    Great thing is that less than a year ago this building was the abandoned, rotting, caught-in-a-legal-fight building in an otherwise well-preserved block. The new owner did a gut reno, added a rooftop room - and scored a high-class commercial tenant all without making much noise or raising neighbors' expectations.

    I think Sit and Wonder will be fine - they have a loyal clientele and lines out the door on weekends. I wonder if this bumps Coffee Bites and/or Washington Bagel Café (bless them) up a rung or two on the Deathwatch thread though?

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  • The Washington Bagel Cafe seems to occupy a lower price point, and cater to folks who patronize the local tire shop and the surrounding beauty salons. As long as those places survive, it may survive.

    I have added Konditori to the Coffee Shop Deathwatch thread:


    If I may say so, this is getting a little nuts.

    Can someone get me a street address?

    In my role as neighborhood preservationist, I could then post a prior photo of the old store front....

  • I believe you have taken a pic before whynot. This was the storefront that was the giant chalk board during the Washington Rocks festival last year.

  • Ah, yes, the building that used to have no roof. One could see the sky by looking thru the second floor windows.

    The photo was actually take by the Heart of Brooklyn, which threw the festival.

  • 696 Washington Ave. Konditori website is not yet updated to show the new location.


    Could a new Hooters location be lurking behind a construction wall somewhere in our midst, just waiting to be exposed one morning?

  • Sadly, this photo does now allow one to see the aforementioned sky thru the second foor windows.

  • whynot_31 said:

    If I may say so, this is getting a little nuts.

    And right on cue, Brokelyn links to a piece from The Awl about coffee and gentrification: http://www.theawl.com/2013/10/what-does-your-coffee-say-about-you-and-is-it-something-terrible

    “This is a story that could be told through a thousand commodities,” he told me. “The coffee economy is an echo of the colonial relationships of power that led up to it. And you can draw a parallel with gentrification, where you have a colonization of low-income urban spaces by high-income professionals. It’s a different dynamic, but an expression of the same politics of inequality.”

  • Having the power to convert a vacant shell of a building into something that features:

    - a business that sells $4 beverages and $3 muffins

    - apartments that rent for around $2500 a month

    is no joke.

    Folks can call it colonization if they want.

  • Re: konditori

    I've been to the one in PS tons of times and it's one of my favorites nowadays (Gorilla now has too many strollers.) Good coffee, sweet down to earth servers, indie/alt background music that is not offensive (not too loud/annoying) low key, unpretentious, vibe, great for bringing in your laptop and getting a little work done. My guess is it will do well.

  • Screw this place for opening right next to Sit & Wonder. I hope they remain closed. Also, Sit & Wonder has an "A" grade!
  • The four large "electrical violation" signs were removed. Maybe DOB made them remove the trickery. I found their A-frame magic marker board (what is that called?) by the curb - smashed up - not a good sign ;-
  • I'm all for open market competition, not for deceit
  • Wonder if the other konditori location(s?) is or are faring similarly
  • There are at least 5 other locations currently between Manhattan and Brooklyn.  The one on Smith Street is busy each time I walk by.  
  • In addition to the loss of business, there are often fines associated with being closed down by DOH.

    It is also common for the owner to fire the staff who is deemed responsible for the violation(s).

    Let's see if this business survives.
  • They're open again as of today
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