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The shell that was 681 Franklin (f/ka "yard sale")

ie, the building across the st. from the Excelsior bike shop that looks like a thai restaurant, but is never open and has had the same piece of paper (that says "yard sale") taped to its front door for at least a year--

anyone know what that is?

Also, anyone buying the "deliveries" building anytime soon?


  • The Deliveries building, 681 Franklin.

    ...I'll need additional help figuring out the yard sale building.

  • The deliveries building facade is so cool looking. I miss the street art wood panel that used to be up there. I think someone took it. That store would look awesome left in tact but touched up a bit. Love the gate too.

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    The deliveries building is pretty hollow.

    I.E. If I remember correctly, I am pretty sure the roof has partially collapsed, along with the floors. The curtains, somehow, survive. ...the picture I found is likely a few years old.

    If this building is bought and put back into use, it will likely get much taller. I am not certain the facade would be kept.

  • ^ the roof has definitely caved in, you can see trees growing inside it, and the little bit of structural knowledge i learned makes me think that it's a total teardown.

  • Not to state the obvious, but the spray painted box with the X in it means the whole damn thing is structurally unsound. Any building with an X will not be entered upon by firefighters -they'll just let the place burn down. It serves as a warning by the DOB.

  • It might not be a total teardown if there are advantages to making it an "alteration".

    As I understand it, such a designation means the builders have to keep some parts of the structure, which allows them certain benefits in terms of being exempt from some parts of the modern building codes.

    I do love those clever architects :)

  • FDNY Vacant Building Fires guide. See page 2 for specific marking meanings. It's a shame "DELIVERIES" building is in such bad shape. That storefront would be amazing to rehab.

  • No roof? No problem. The new rentals on Rogers also had no roof.

    The X in a box in practice often means there is no floor.

  • What business occupied the "deliveries" storefront?

  • yard sale is between prospect and st., marks. not across from excelsior. is it open on weekends?

  • ^ believe i saw the door open once last spring.

  • It seemed like a great idea for a store-- nice and affordable second-hand furniture, like you'd find on craigslist, but all consolidated in one place. All of the stuff is still in there, but yeah, I haven't seen the place open in about a year. Now with yet another café opening on that block, and rosco's and mayfield around the corner, seems like time to give it another shot!

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    I assume that whoever owns the "yardsale" building (located to the North of the Deliveries building), also owns the building.

    I do wonder why they have not listed the first floor space of "yardsale" with a real estate agent.

  • There's a nice secondhand furniture store in Park Slope, at something like 5th and 15th.

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    Returning to the above Deliveries Building, 681 Franklin, there is now notice of a Hearing and violation affixed to the door.

    The city is getting its act together, and will tell the owner to either fix it up, or they will sell it at auction to someone who will.
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    About 30 guys spent the day structurely bracing the 681 Franklin (aka the Deliveries building), and removing decades of debris.image

    It looks like we are getting an "alteration".
  • Back of the building fell in today, I do believe. Everything is gone save for the facade, which is not that different than how it was last month. 
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    Ah, so this may have been an emergency DOB orchestrated repair.     I must say I do like the bracing and the scaffolding that has been put on the front   It makes me feel safer.
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    Confirmed: Permits state work is being done for emergency demolition. Only the front wall now remains. It is structurally braced.

    I don't whether it will be kept, or if they have merely braced it so they can work on removing the "contents".
  • I'll be surprised if they actually get anything done on this, since every time walk by there are always at least a half a dozen dudes in hard hats blocking the sidewalk and chatting.
  • The DOB and HPD have ordered an emergency demolition.

    When they do this, they give the contractors a timeline and a price. If they don't get it done on time, substansial penalities apply, so I'm not worried about them not getting anything done.

    I suspect the contractors have more than enough people on hand to ensure that they meet the deadline.

    ...if they want to chat, it is likely fine with their boss.
  • The deliveries building is pretty hollow.

    I.E. If I remember correctly, I am pretty sure the roof has partially collapsed, along with the floors. The curtains, somehow, survive. ...the picture I found is likely a few years old.

    If this building is bought and put back into use, it will likely get much taller. I am not certain the facade would be kept.

    Yup, coming down:

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    Photo taken during May walking tour:

    Photo: Rachel
  • Did anyone notice some sort of mess outside this building with the workers directing traffic and a truck blocking the street? I realize that this was an emergency demo, but it seems like a poorly organized effort.
  • I presume that once the building partially collapsed and the emergency demo took place, HPD finally had the authority to take ownership of it and then sell it to the LLC:

    It is sad that it literally had to collapse before they were able to take action.
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    To date, they have demolished everything but the front wall, which made me think it was going to be kept.

    Nope. As of yesterday, it is coming down too.
  • This building has been a love of mine for a while.

    A dude used to sell vinyl in the doorway on weekends and then stored them behind that gate.

    It was a beautiful store front.  It continued to cave in.  Now it will look like....that.  
  • The first floor will continue to be retail, which is kind of nice.

    I'll try to wait until it is mostly built before I begin speculating on what would financially work there.

    ...seeing the competition that is not yet present, but will be by the time it opens, is key.
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    Going up...

  • Now at terminal height
  • Glass windows in. Drywall and electrical as well.

    Occupancy late Fall 2016?

  • Five years ago I was paying those 1BR prices for a 3BR (in an older building, with a much worse layout) around the corner from there on President. Amazing.
  • New construction is always pricier. And we'll see if they get their target prices in this market, too— check out the repeated rent cuts these apartments took to lease out:

    Lots of cuts here as nothing is leasing, too—
  • Yup. Some of the new large buildings in the area now give themselves up to a year to fully lease up, and include one month free.
  • I looked at a few units here and it is BAD - cramped spaces, terrible layouts, very little storage, and way too many "trendy" features and fixtures.
    Both units I saw open to windowless living/dining rooms with French doors to a bedroom.
    The bedrooms have windows overlooking Franklin, are very small (maybe 9' x 10') , and have one small closet (approx. 4 linear feet). The bedroom also has access to a teeny tiny sliver of a balcony that you share with your neighbor.
    One unit was a duplex with a half bedroom (no door to the room or closet) up a very narrow and steep staircase off of the living room.
  • Like several new buildings in the area, they may be built for a demographic that will stay less than 2 years, has no children, has very little furniture, and an active Seamless account.
  • Yeah, super easy commute to Wall Street and other areas with $$'ed and long-hour'ed jobs.
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    Soon to have an upscale nail salon.    (photo not by me)
  • That nail salon also has a location on Vanderbilt in prospect heights. Suppose this is their second.

    The other 'upscale' nail salon in the area - on St. John's and bedford - is also a second location... for a salon with its first location in Park Slope.
  • Each neighborhood now has a similar clientele, so expansions seem logical.

    ...the transition of this lot from one that was literally hazardous to pedestrians, to one that caters to peds with lots of disposable income and particular preferences, has been fun to watch.
  • Not that I love the style of this building, but I'm excited about this! Honey on Vanderbilt has a good reputation.
  • This will be their 3rd location. They recently opened a shop on myrtle and hall near Pratt in Clinton hill. I work in that area. Location seems nice but over priced services. @downinthecrown if you're looking for a good nail salon there's free edge on sterling near Washington. Finally went there. The owner is very sweet and they have good specials. Got my nails done Saturday and they're still in good shape.
  • Walked past Honey (the nail salon) and they're open!
  • The fancy nail salon by Manhattanville Coffee seems busy, so it would surprise me if Honey experiences similar success.
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