I experience the most brilliant dumb thief ever. — Brooklynian

I experience the most brilliant dumb thief ever.

Either really smart thief or dumb phone operators etc.... and at the same time really dumb thief. I got my phone number stolen. It's a vanity number. So yesterday I went to the local tmobile shop to get my dad a new sim card. His wasn't working. I got the card. Tried to call his new card. My phone wasn't working. I call myself on my other line. Some dude pickup on my line!!! I hangup right away. Told Tmobile what was going on. They switch it back to my simcard on my phone. At this point tmobile doesn't know whats going on. Some how my number was just switch over to some other guys. I thought nothing of it. Today Same thing happen. My phone wasn't working again! I call them. They were like let us see what happen. They claim I called them to get my account info. Next thing you know "I" cancel my own line. I told them why would I do that I just got my number back yesterday. The info they got from TMObile allow the guy to cancel my line and reset the password to my online account. The online one was easy to get back. Just reset to my email and it was done. But now my phone number is in limbo. The guy cancel it and some other carrier is holding my number to be transfer to them. This guy for some reason wants this number badly!! This is the dumb part of the guy. Like I can't tell my phone is no longer working. I know who stole it! the guy with the same number as mines. I should have talk to the guy yesterday. Dude you realize I know you stole my number!!! It's not like stealing something else. Where you won't ever see that again. The number on the other hand is register and you can dial any time etc...... But its a pain the in the ass. Apparently they have to wait 4-5 business days to try to get a answer from the 3rd party that is holding my number. while its being transferred.


  • Omg, what a hassle, hope it doesn't take that long. How weird!
  • I hope it doesn't take long. I'll have to put up notices tomorrow to everyone know My number is not valid!!!
  • @armchair_warrior how many properties are you up to now?
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    4 investment, 2 for me,parents(I still live with them to save money) ,and brother to live in, 1 shack in the woods for camping. 7 in total. I'm sick of being a landlord anyway. I haven't brought anything in years. Plus sick of NYC. I'm thinking of Tokyo cheaper than NYC.
  • Tmobile is totally clueless. They call and went you want to transfer number. I'm like please transfer my number back. They were like what??? I'm like someone stole my number etc.. Had to explain again. They were like oh Um someone else would call you back.
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    Update they call, told me to go get a police report. So this way they can try to get my number back. I call my own number. This guy now knows not to pickup. He'll let it go thru voice mail. This guy is making my life very difficult. I had to reset all my shit related to that number. Which is alot of shit. I have decades of online presence. You sir have defeated me. You broke me. This might be my last straw and I'm might be packing up and going to leave for real lol.
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    Police refuse to give me police report of stolen number.
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    Someone stole my number nypd refuse to file a police report!

    — Not PC Person (@not_pc_person) June 16, 2017
  • It is weird that he would want your number. I wouldn't want someone else's calls.
  • I figure might be a financial stealing angle. All my accounts online default to that number.
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    This is really wearing me down. It's stressful. I have tons of shit stolen from me over the years. This is almost like the last straw. I'll start with chronologically order. I got constantly beaten and robbed spat at etc.. in public school. I got my education stolen. I had to cut school so I would avoid this problem. I'm all 100% self taught in the library. First I try to work out with my teachers/administrators. they say oh you must have done something to provoke them etc.. I get worse beatings at that. I avoided the kids all and admins. Because they would give me detention too for self defense etc... Being literally the only asian kid in a poor area sucks ass. They would say you japanese stole all the jobs etc.. Later on You chinese stole all the jobs etc... While in JHS I got my sight stolen. I was blind for about a few months. After that my eye sight sucks ass. I had to wear glasses. Someone hit me in the eyes with chains. Thank you public school. In between those years. I have my house broken into. Robbed on the streets, bikes stolen. JHS years I actually gotten permission and doctors note to work for limited amount of time. I'm not sure how work rules are now. I work hard for my stuff. Robbed and stolen etc... HS same shit, broke my back etc... being robbed..... College I quit got very disillusioned with society. Oh got more shit stolen and robbed over the years after that. I even got plants stolen :p which was cover on a brooklyian post a decade back :p. This is why I'm thinking of Tokyo less crime LOL. I'm really cheery guy in real life, but some how I'm like the butt end of bad luck!! I had always work for my shit in life. I'm sick of other people stealing my shit. Back in the old country, They stole my families shit too!! We became poor peasants. I was robbed out of good nutrition and height :p. I'm not tall as my cousins from same genetic stock. Me and bro are 3-4 inches shorter. My female cousins are as us. This is why we immigrated to the US. For freedom and capitalism!!!
  • At this point I twitted and reddit about tmobiles handling of this. After that I got some calls from tmobile saying they are working on it :).
  • got my number back and had them get new security notes on the account. Change out my security code. Found out that someone on the 6/12/2017 walk into tmobile store and had my sim changed! pretending to be me. From there they use that first sim change. to get security codes on the 13th to take cook control of the line they were stealing. and change sim cards again. I call in and had them change back. They call in and got more info out of them. They log into my account and change things around again rest you know is history.
  • They apparently use my number to get all my personal info. Now I'm in the process of canceling credit cards. So far almost all the companies cancel, except for capital one, their new processing application department is closed. Their fraud dept won't do anything with it, since its in application status. I'm like come on you can just cancel it out!! they were like no. You have to wait till Monday when they are open.
  • Shockingly dumb ass chase open a account for them, even though I have a account with them already. They cancel the card but won't tell me where that fraud address is or have many any purchases. i'm like what your left hand doesn't talk to the right hand. They should know that is not my address because my current credit card is still in use and have current address. They were like sorry can't give out info can only cancel card! So far all the companies that cancel cards won't give me fraud address that is being used.
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    I got a txt saying one of my line has been cancel again. I wasted along of time giving them a super long password/pin. Nope they just transfer it. I got my ass hangup on the phone by the operators while waiting for them to transfer me to the relevant departments. I'm on a damn loop. They keep transferring me back to the beginning of the tmobile call. Instead of the right department.
  • I got it back. Someone just automatically transfer it from a landline. They are now working to see what the hell happen again. This time I notice the change, because they txt me to my other line is now the main line. My number that got stolen I no longer put it as a main line. This way i'll get txt on changes.
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